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2017 3, 5-Di-substitued Cyano-Scorpionate Ligand Abstract   PDF   PDF
Ruth Aanuoluwapo Adeyemi, Arielle Pompilius
2017 A balanced Eastern and Western music is the key to Modern music development Abstract   PDF
Susan Ming
2017 A Comparative Study of Mental Illness in the United States Compared to Developing Countries: Analyzing the Role of the Health Care Systems and Eastern vs. Western Psychology Abstract   PDF
Megan Hossler
2017 A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Foster, Brian McCray, Samuel McWhorter
2017 A Lack of Social Media and Its Effect on Technological Development, Reception, and Use Abstract   PDF
Meg Lybbert
2017 A New Generation of Maze for a Drosophila Olfactory Memory Assay Abstract   PDF
Alyssa Risner, Shawn Scialabba, Phillip Strickland, Alvina Emran
2017 a return to Tradition Abstract   PDF
West R-A Poindexter
2017 A Search For Trends In The Atmospheric Composition Of Exoplanets From Archived Spectral Data Abstract   PDF
Troy Maloney
2017 A sharp upper bound on k-color connectivity Abstract   PDF
Adam Jump
2017 Adolescence in the Church: Perspectives from College Students and Adults on Mentorship and Spiritual Formation in the Church Abstract   PDF
Savannah Spicer
2017 African Spirituality and the Slave Experience in Pre-Antebellum America Abstract   PDF
Chris Newman
2017 Alienation and Abominations: Terror and Horror in Classic Gothic Novels and My Own Writing Abstract   PDF
Shae Ramsey
2017 All-PM Thulium Doped Fiber Laser System Abstract   PDF
Alejandro M. Alderete
2017 Am I the Master of My Fate?: The Impact of Mortality Salience and Self-Efficacy on Leadership Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Emilie Noah
2017 An Examination of the Factors that Contribute to the Formation of Exclaves Abstract   PDF
Justin Henry Franco
2017 An Investigation of Similarities and Differences between Perceptions of Male and Female Teachers in the Elementary Grades Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Taylor Dickey
2017 An Investigation of the Influence of Current Public Health Policies in the United States on the Prevalence of Rural Health Professional Shortage Areas Abstract   PDF
Hayne Noh
2017 Analysis of the Effect of Alkaline Hydrolysis Cremation on Minerals and Trace Metals in Bone Abstract   PDF
Rebekah Quickel
2017 Analytic Solution to a Three-Level Optical Pumping System with Constant Coefficients Abstract   PDF
William A Dulaney
2017 Are College Students Playing Hard so That They Can Drink Harder?: Examining Greek Affiliation as a Predictor of Drunkorexia Abstract   PDF
Sarah Katherine Wyand
2017 Assessing Fear Responses with Event-Related Potential and Reaction Time in a Go-NoGo Task Abstract   PDF
Taylor Simmons, Brianna Newport
2017 Atheist Discrimination in America. Real or Imagined Abstract   PDF
Lauren Gray Stogner
2017 Automatic Residential Load Offsetting via Battery Energy Storage System Abstract   PDF
Darby Hudnall, Lindsi Jones, Joseph Crain, Chad Ekre, Jed Brown
2017 Beyond Say: Water, Spirituality, and the Womanist Autoethnography in Beyonce’s Lemonade Abstract   PDF
Aquila Campbell
2017 Big History: Latest Intellectual Fad or Toxic Neoliberalist Ideology? Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Lorraine Savant
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