Gender Inequality and Economic Growth

Taylor M. M. Goodwin, Jason Hall, Celeste Raymond


Gender discrimination, a highly controversial topic, has been shown to negatively impact economic growth rate. Using cross-sectional data from 96 countries between the time period 1980 to 2015 this empirical model examines the relationship between increases in gender inequality and per capita gross domestic product growth rate. Consistent with previous literature, increases in measures of gender inequality are found to negatively impact GDP per capita growth rate. In light of these findings, the importance of policy decisions for inclusive growth with emphasis on social indicators such as education attainment, access to health care, political representation and pay discrimination are considered.


Gender Discrimination; Gender Inequality; Gender Equality; Gender Disadvantage; Gender; Feminism; Economic Growth; Growth Model; Gender Inequality Index; World Development Indicators; Human Development Indicators; United Nations; World Bank; Policy

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