The Effects of Personality Types (Introversion-Extraversion) on Promoting Feminism on Social Media Platforms

Jamie Ingrid Shum


In recent years, social media has served as an important, accessible digital outlet for people to easily express their thoughts and reactions about events, trends, and more to their friends, family, peers, and followers. Previous research findings and studies have focused on the growing role social media plays in promoting humanitarian, social justice, political, and feminist efforts and issues, as well as the effects of personality types on how people use social media platforms and the Internet. This research study specifically asks one central question: What effects, if any, do personality types (introversion-extraversion) have regarding how people utilize social media to promote feminism? Research methodology utilized for this study includes both primary and secondary research sources. These sources consist of a review of scholarly research and news articles that showcase similar studies and findings, as well as a survey. The survey, housed on Qualtrics, was conducted through a snowball sampling recruitment method under the approval of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Ithaca College. The survey questions were designed to prompt participants (mainly Ithaca College students and young alumni) to explore their own understanding of their respective personality types, social media and Internet habits, and feminist activism efforts. The results from this research study show a slight correlation between the traits of introversion and extraversion and the corresponding statements regarding how introverts and extraverts post content about feminism on social media. This correlation was statistically significant, showing that, although slight, it was not by chance.


Personality Types; Feminism; Social Media

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