Optimal Scheduling for CK Advertisements on TV Programs

Tykeena Watson, Jingxun Bao, Sharee Brewer


Advertising agencies (buyers) place television advertisements orders with the networks (sellers) for their desired commercial slots which will expose their products to a particular target audience. Typically, an advertiser needs information on a certain amount of impressions (i.e., views) for each advertising campaign. This project applies two ways, impression based approach and demographic approach, in evaluation of the advertisements orders for a specific company with modified data provided by Clypd. The results show that the impression-based method is more stable while the demographic-based method is more sensitive to different types of customers, prime-time slots, and non-prime time slots. In comparison, the advertising companies should choose the demographic-based method for more accurate results to maximize the profits for both the advertising companies and the networks.


Advertisements, Orders, Sellers, Impressions, Impression-based approach, Demographic-based Approach

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