How Can General Education Be Innovative

Liv Winnicki


General education in colleges is practiced with the intention of producing well rounded students, able to apply their education in more ways than just one career field. However, this comes with backlash from students who believe that their education should not be structured like this, because they view general education as a waste of time, with refutes such as when would an English major ever need to know Calculus. This paper is an exploration of how general education can be innovative instead of tedious in someone’s education, how it can be structured in order to produce well rounded people with degrees that cause them to be well versed in all subjects rather than one narrow thing. With the use of interviews with students, teachers, and administration, along with many models of education from the past dating back to medieval universities and modern universities, this research paper will discover ways in which general education has failed and ways in which it can be structured innovatively. Its purpose is to piece together models of general education in order to understand the ways in which students learn and how a liberal education can deepen a student’s ability to learn and function in a democratic society.


Education, General Education, Liberal Arts

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