The Asexual Experience and Community in Denmark

J. J. Christine Otto


The purpose of this research is to contribute more qualitative information about the asexual community to the limited present research. Through interviews with members of the Danish asexual community found through their meeting forum AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network), the research seeks to discover what the purpose of the community is and what exactly the “asexual experience” is in Denmark. Drawing on theories of ethnomethodology and Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition, a framework is set to better understand why the community was formed and what draws people to it and keeps them engaged in it. In accordance with Honneth’s theories, the researcher concludes that it is likely the community formed to foster a sense of internal recognition that was not offered by the larger LGBT community or society as a whole. The community stays together through recurring social meetings, an organizational committee, and the feelings of belonging experienced by the members. The community is still young and working to shape its identity within Denmark, but their experience is undoubtedly unique from the LGBT experience.


Asexual; LGBT; Community formation; Gender and Sexuality; Queer theory

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