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2016 The Causes and Consequences of Jordanians’ Hesitancy to Protest Abstract   PDF
Jamie Love
2016 The Changing Dynamics of Rebel Relations Abstract   PDF
Josephine Lippincott
2016 The Correlation Between Heart Rate Variability and Diet Abstract   PDF
Olivia Murray
2016 The Divided Consciousness: Chinese Immigrant Women in San Francisco 1860-1920 Abstract   PDF
McKenzie Whalen
2016 The Economics of Empire: Housing Size and Per-Capita Wealth in Asia Minor Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Jasper Fu
2016 The effect of green tea (Camellia sinensis) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa treated contact lenses. Abstract   PDF
Mariah Bigaud
2016 The Effects of Double Colonization in The Joys of Motherhood Abstract   PDF
Della Grace Hethcox
2016 The Embody Study Abstract   PDF
Hannah Pearl Kostoff
2016 The Evolution of Protections Against Domestic and Family Violence Abstract   PDF
Nicole Mary Ang
2016 The Falklands Factor: A Popular War Abstract   PDF
Patrick Isacks
2016 The Good, The Bad, & The Unethical: The Ethics of Propaganda Abstract   PDF
Marisa Eileen Fernandez
2016 The Idea of Merlin: Artistic Depictions of Merlin and their Inspirations Abstract   PDF
Marina Gayle Painter
2016 The Impact of Altered Visual Input and Auditory Stimulations on Balance and Postural Stability Abstract   PDF
Nathan Norris
2016 The Impact of Demographic Variables on the Acquisition of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Abstract   PDF
Sierra Raven Small
2016 The Impact of Image: The Iconographic Celebrity of the Musician Abstract   PDF
Caroline Aylward
2016 The Influence of Atmospheric Rivers on Extreme Precipitation Events Observed in the Southern Appalachians Abstract   PDF
Lukas Stewart
2016 The Influence of Flow Behavior on the Efficiency of a Passive Thermosiphon Abstract   PDF
Ian Bashor, Elizabeth Gifford
2016 The Intended and Unintended Side Effects of the Millennium Development Goals Abstract   PDF ()
Paola Andrea Salas Paredes
2016 The Interactive Influence of Psychological-Needs Fulfillment and Agreeableness in Problem Solving Abstract   PDF
Je Hee Chun
2016 The Perceptions of Race and Gender and its Effect on a Leader’s Favorability Abstract   PDF
Sasha Pierre-Louis
2016 The Physiological Effects of Appraisal of a Challenge or Threat State on Collegiate Athletes' Performance Abstract   PDF
Alicia Nuzzo, Sandra K. Webster
2016 The Representation of Prostitutes in Ancient Greek Vase-painting Abstract   PDF
Madeline Beck
2016 The Response of Corporate Bond Yields to Quantitative Easing: Implications of the Default Risk and Liquidity Channels in the United States Abstract   PDF
Ethan Barteck
2016 The Role of Mapping in the Formation of South America’s Political Boundaries and Territorial Disputes Abstract   PDF
Justin Henry Franco
2016 The Role of Polar Auxin Transport in Moss Gametophytes Abstract   PDF
Mason D Bader
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