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2016 Mindfulness, Ambivalent Sexism and Women's Health Outcomes Abstract   PDF
Keith Ryan Chichester
2016 Mineralogical Studies on Medium to High grade Metasedimentary rocks from Mount Mitchell State Park, NC, USA Abstract   PDF
Alyssa Coburn
2016 Modeling the Neurological and Physiological Effects of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus on Adult Mice Abstract   PDF
Zainab Suleiman
2016 Monte Carlo simulation of Fluoroquinolone treatment for urinary tract infection caused by Escherichia coli: Analysis of Canadian versus U.S isolates Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Noreddin
2016 Network Centrality, Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Among Nutrition Majors Abstract   PDF
Madeline Jane McDonough
2016 Neurocognitive Testing for Identifying Treatment Biomarkers in Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorde Abstract   PDF
Sekine Ozturk
2016 New Chemistry: Solutions for the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Tammy Hawley
2016 Nitrification Processes and Conversion Kinetics for an Aquatic Model System Abstract   PDF
Julia Zimmer, Katherine Halmo
2016 Offense plus Defense Equals Evolution: How did the National Basketball Association evolve into a cultural and economic icon from 1970-2000 Abstract   PDF
Cameron Black
2016 On the Relativistic Motion of Projectiles: On Range and Vertical Height Abstract   PDF
Thomas Richard Giffune
2016 Oophilia amblystomatis Colonization of Embryonic Ambystoma maculatum: Maintaining Polymorphism Abstract   PDF ()
Chelsea Brown
2016 Periodic DFT Calculations for the Investigation of Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage Reactions of Ethene, Ethenol, Propene, and Propenol Over Rh(211) Stepped Versus Rh(111) Planar Lattice Structures Abstract   PDF
Bethany Therese Cook
2016 Phenstatin analogues with non-aromatic attachments in place of the B-ring Abstract   PDF
Amanda Oswald
2016 Photodegradation of Atrazine: A Comparison of Anatase and Brookite Phases of Titanium Dioxide Abstract   PDF
Leslie Sigmon
2016 Physiological and Psychological Effects of Music Abstract   PDF ()
Sarah Ann Stevenson
2016 Physiological Measures and Genetic Predictors of Empathy Abstract   PDF
Chase Travis Brower, Eryberto Martinez, Micah Wolfe, Kaleb Shumway, Parker Hughes, Eric Trost
2016 Political Corruption and Fractionalization in the United States: Federal Convictions, Public Perceptions, and Societal Diversity Abstract   PDF
Kenneth Robert White
2016 Politics and Funding Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Amanda Newton
2016 Population Growth and Open Space Protection in Western North Carolina Abstract   PDF
Kimberly Rhodes
2016 Progress Towards a Norcantharidin-based Scaffold for Inhibition of the Protein Phosphatase 5C (PP5C) Enzyme Abstract   PDF
Madison R. Tuttle, Edward A. Salter, Andrzej Wierzbicki, Richard E. Honkanen, Larry Yet
2016 Rain-on-Snow Project Abstract   PDF
Brandon Morgan, Colin Huber, Keegan Pederson
2016 Rank of Recurrence Matrices Abstract   PDF
Roman David Morales
2016 Rapid Prototyping of Metalenses using a Focused Beam Abstract   PDF
Michael Shares
2016 Rate Determination of 1,1-HCl vs. 1,2-DCl Elimination from CD3CD2CHCl2 Abstract   PDF
Allie Larkin
2016 Reactance Towards Automated Technology of the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Sean Michael Noble
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