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2016 Health Hot-spotting: Utilizing Novel Alternative Intervention and Data to Create Better Outcomes for Super-Utilizers and Underserved Populations Abstract   PDF
Tammy Hawley
2016 Hearing Daisy’s Voice in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby: A Powerful “Beautiful Little Fool” Abstract   PDF
Kendall Kartaly
2016 Hickory Creek Orchard Feasibility Study Abstract   PDF
Richard Brad Henley
2016 Home, Sweet Nest Box: A Comparison of Detection Methods for the Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans) in Ozaukee and Washington Counties, WI Abstract   PDF
Amanda Holly Keyes
Haoran Yu
2016 How Sherlock Can Be a Barista, and Still Be Sherlock: A Study in Fan Fiction Abstract   PDF
Irene Howard
2016 How your phone recognizes your home: An investigation of mobile object recognition Abstract   PDF
Thanh Minh Vu
2016 Hyaluronan-based Sustained Delivery of the Antibiotic Besifloxacin to the Eye Abstract   PDF
Shirley Luo
2016 Immigration: Why it Matters and What Needs to Change? Abstract   PDF
Emily Elizabeth Turner
2016 Implementing Power Optimization Methodologies to Improve Energy Efficiency of Multi-Core Processors Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Azard Rilvan, Shervin Hajiamini, Lauren Hiland
2016 In The Game: Female Athletes Battle With Sexism Abstract   PDF ()
Merecedes Bentley
2016 Infrastructure Investment Inside And Outside Of The Eurozone Abstract   PDF
Areta Jez
2016 Islamic and Christian Spheres: Interaction and Exchange of Religious Orders through Architecture Abstract   PDF
Erin Dalton
2016 Isolation and Characterization of Natural, Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria in Pure- and Co-Culture Abstract   PDF
Catherine Ann Darcey
2016 Isomerization of Vicinal Dibromides in Conformationally Rigid Cyclohexane Systems Abstract   PDF
Ryan Acocella
2016 I’ve Heard It Both Ways: Bilingualism and Perspective Taking Abstract   PDF
Carina Rodelo
2016 Knowledge as Practice and the Search for Neighborhood-Based Solutions in the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School Abstract   PDF
Esmé Hazel Barniskis
2016 Let's Read Together: Reading Motivation and Engagement in Elementary Students Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Doering
2016 Long-range liquid coarticulation in American English: a preliminary study Abstract   PDF
Brianna Alys Maloney
2016 Looking for Right Now: A Rhetorical Analysis on Gay Men’s Diction Relative to Grindr Abstract   PDF
Sawyer Henderson
2016 Madame de Pompadour and the Sèvres Porcelain Factory: Cultivating a French Artistic Identity and Clientele Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Gail Leonard
2016 Magic and Medicine in a Man’s World: The Medieval Woman as both Healer and Witch Abstract   PDF
Abigail I Casey
2016 MANTRA Autonomous Agricultural Services Vehicle Abstract   PDF
Sean Finnigan
2016 Mental Illness and Danger: The Negative Implications of this Automatic Association Abstract   PDF
Ashley Cheff
2016 Men’s Behavior towards Women as a Function of Women’s Costume Attire (Cosplay): An Experimental Investigation of Speed Dating at a Popular Culture Convention Abstract   PDF
Yo-Fan Rachel Callewaert, Sylvia Beyer
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