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2016 Effects of Gambling Frequency and Perceived Risk or Benefit of Gambling on Undergraduate Students’ Evaluations of Gamblers Abstract   PDF
Alexis Pitzer
2016 Effects of Vespa Amino Acid Mixture on Exercise and Cellular Metabolism in Honey Bees Abstract   PDF
Attia Mohamed
2016 Efficiency and Effectiveness of a Low-Cost, Self-Cleaning Microplastic Filtering System for Wastewater Treatment Plants Abstract   PDF
Alec Beljanski
2016 Electrochemical Evaluation of Non-precious Metal Catalysts for Fuel Cell Applications Abstract   PDF
Samantha Medina, Gabriel Goenaga, Nelly Cantillo, Asa Roy, Thomas Zawodzinski
2016 Electronic Bill (eBill) Collector with Single Sign-On Abstract   PDF
Konstantin Kazantsev
2016 Elementary-Aged Melting Pot: Reflections on ESL Teachings A Western North Carolina Case Study Abstract   PDF
Hannah Sasser
2016 Evaluating Coworkers: Effects of Coworkers’ Age and Willingness to Adapt to Technology in the Workplace Abstract   PDF
Theresa Katherine Mokrzan
2016 Experimental Determination of Uniform Heating in the Selective Laser Sintering Part Bed Abstract   PDF
Becca Statum
2016 Exploration of Additive Manufacturing-Informed Aneurysm Repairs to Optimize Blood Flow Patterns Abstract   PDF
Alyssa Ann Loepfe
2016 Exploring the Link between Blacking out and Sexual Assault via a Social Network Analysis Abstract   PDF
Dana Nocera
2016 Exploring the Oriented Graceful Labeling Conjecture on Lobster Trees Abstract   PDF
Timothy Nosco, Lisa Jones, Jakub Smola, Jessie Lass, Jocelyn Bell, William Pulleyblank, Suzanne J Matthews, Christopher Okasaki
2016 Exploring the technical feasibility of the combustion of dissolved polystyrene waste in biodiesel Abstract   PDF
Kristina Celeste Fong
2016 Extraction of Antibacterial Compounds Produced by Pseudomonas and Serratia Species, and Induction of Antibiotic Production by Bacterial Competition Abstract   PDF
Kayla Blair
2016 Feeding Ecology Helps Predict Patterns in Avian Winter Range Shifts Abstract   PDF
Casey Jane Ambrose
2016 Field Investigation of Biodiesel Fuel Particulate and Moisture Content Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Briana Geary
2016 Food Industry Influence on Dietary Advice in the United States Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Aaron Stern
2016 For Colored’s Only: An Analysis of Institutional Safe Spaces Abstract   PDF
Maya Victoria Newlin
2016 Gender Inequality in STEM Academia: An Investigation of Factors that Influence the Decision to Remain in the Pipeline Abstract   PDF
Tasha Eisenhower
2016 Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in the Clonal Trillium recurvatum Abstract   PDF
Kendall Major
2016 Geochemistry of Seine River metaconglomerates from Mine Centre, Ontario: interpreting fluid flow and volume changes during deformation with implications for strain analysis Abstract   PDF
Detaya Johnson
2016 Glowing Pockets: Modeling Illicit Nuclear and Radiological Trafficking Networks in the Former Soviet Union Abstract   PDF
Hugh Bradshaw
2016 Growing Food Where People Live Applying Lessons and Methodologies from Endogenous Development and Agroecology Efforts to Low-Income Communities in the Southeast U.S. Abstract   PDF
Dylan Ryals-Hamilton
2016 Gα13 overexpression induces serum response element genes: membrane delocalization and activation state Abstract   PDF
Gray Robinson McDiarmid
2016 Habitat Use of Northern Pygmy Salamander (Desmognathus organi) and Southern Pygmy Salamander (D. wrighti) in North Carolina Abstract   PDF
Ivy Haas
2016 Habitats of Puttyroot (Aplectrum hyemale) and Cranefly (Tipularia discolor) Orchids: A Comparison of Two Wintergreen Species in Western North Carolina Abstract   PDF
Tyler Clabby
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