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2016 Comparing Greenhouse Gases from Composting and Landfilling Abstract   PDF
Brittany Deesing
2016 Comparing Photographic and GIS-based Applications for Estimating Canopy Cover in Southern Appalachian Bogs Abstract   PDF
Karen Ann Landert
2016 Comparison of Parametric and Nonparametric Tests for Differences in Distribution Abstract   PDF   PDF ()
Davis Jett, Jessica L Speer
2016 Connotation & Rhetoric: The Semantics of Suspicion in the Writings of Desmoulins Abstract   PDF
Ivy Taylor Gilbert
2016 Constraints on the Quaternary fault offset history along the Benton Springs right-lateral strike-slip fault, West-Central Nevada Abstract   PDF
Timothy John Daniel
2016 Constructing the Imaginative Bridge: Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives Abstract   PDF
Megan Reynolds
2016 Controls for and Exoskeletal Hip Actuator Abstract   PDF
William Mark Watson, Michael Regis Kushnak
2016 Counterterrorism or Vigilantism? The Cyber War Between ISIS and Anonymous Abstract   PDF
Amy Thomas
2016 Creation of a Calibration Set for Natural Product Virtual Target Screening Abstract   PDF
Jacob Wilson
2016 Crossing Waveguides in Silicon-Based Optical Devices Abstract   PDF
Jimmy Yin
2016 Danger: The Impact of One Word’s Definition on a Law Abstract   PDF
Ashley Cheff
2016 Defending Against Cyber Espionage: The US Office of Personnel Management Hack as a Case Study in Information Assurance Abstract   PDF
Sarah Harvey, Diana Evans
2016 Delivering Effective Aid to Fragile States Abstract   PDF
Samantha Fitzgerald
2016 Depression in Low-Income Adolescents: Guidelines for School-Based Depression Intervention Programs Abstract   PDF
Gopika Hari
2016 Design and Development of a Low Cost, Light Weight, Hydraulic Manipulator for Mounting on a Wheelchair Abstract   PDF
Ezra H Fritz
2016 Determinants of G alpha 12 specific interaction in the RhoGEF AKAP-Lbc Abstract   PDF
Autumn Towne
2016 Determining Whether Marriage Affects Women's Opportunities Later in Life: Peering into Retrospective Accounts of Middle Aged & Elderly Women Abstract   PDF
Christie Lauer
2016 Development of Low-cost Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells Abstract   PDF
David Danilchuk, Baker Nour, Lila Dahal
2016 Distant Yet Linked: Norway and the Syrian Civil War Abstract   PDF
Gray Barrett
2016 D-limonene Increases Efficacy of Rifampicin as an Inhibitor of In Vitro Growth of Opportunistic Staphylococcus epidermidis RP62A Abstract   PDF
Natcha Rummaneethorn, Charlene Caoili
2016 Does History Repeat Itself? Comparing 19th Century and Contemporary American Attitudes towards Immigrants Abstract   PDF ()
Briana Nicole Ferguson
2016 Early Affliction and Later Addiction: Is Childhood Maltreatment and Adult Insecure Attachment Style Related to Substance Use? Abstract   PDF
James Emerson Lewis
2016 Early Season to End-of-Season Comparisons of Cognitive Performance in College Football Players Abstract   PDF
Azucena Gonzalez
2016 Effect of High Surface Area Carbon Addition on the Performance of a Non-Precious Metal Catalyst in a PEM Fuel Cell Abstract   PDF
Christopher Andrew Neal
2016 Effect Of Salinity On Embryonic Axolotl Development Abstract   PDF
Kristen Alyssa Meiler
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