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2016 Astragalomancy in Etruria: An Analysis of the Astragali at Cetamura del Chianti Abstract   PDF
Patrick Lebo
2016 Availability of Evidence-Based Treatments for PTSD in Civilian Institutional and Private Practice Settings: A Case Study in Asheville, NC Abstract   PDF
Cheyenne Quindara, Hannah Brown
2016 Bacterial Degradation of Low Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons; naphthalene, 1-methylnapthalene, and 2-methylnapthalene by Mycobacterium Abstract   PDF   PDF ()
Alyssa Anne Valentyne
2016 Behind the Feminine Façade: Reinterpreting Berthe Morisot Abstract   PDF
Allison Smith
Matthew Miller
2016 Bone Cracking in Low Humidity/High Temperature Environment Abstract   PDF
Lauren Gray Stogner
2016 Bring Chipotle to Carrollton Abstract   PDF
Matthew Hukin, Deia Dennis, MaryLeith Turner, Beheruz Sethna
2016 Calling out Our "Aesthetic Hearts": Narratorial Interjections in Tillie Olsen's Yonnondio: From the Thirties Abstract   PDF
Alexandra G Helms
2016 Care, Hostility, and Immigration: A Caring Approach to U.S.-Mexico Border Policy Abstract   PDF
Matthew Ryan Trevino
2016 Characteristics of P3HT Modified with Lithium Aluminum Hydride Abstract   PDF
Manuel Alexander Mangual, Ezio Fasoli, Josee Vedrine-Pauleus
2016 Characterization and Interactions of Soil Microbial Communities in Five Physiographic Regions and the Rhizosphere of Common Weeds Abstract   PDF
Kelsey Brown, Franklin Irvin, Julia Stevens
2016 Characterization of Single-Mode Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Burton Dencker
2016 Characterizing Gα12 and p114RhoGEF’s specific interaction through site-directed mutagenesis Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Garcia
2016 Children on the homefront: The effects of deployment on military children Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Miller
2016 ClearBlue: The 3D Printed Portable Water Filter Abstract   PDF
Manisha Sanjay Patel
2016 Co-culture Screens for the Isolation of Antibiotics from Sarracenia Pitcher Plant Bacteria Abstract   PDF
Jackson Tweed
2016 Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables Affecting Academic Performance in College Students Abstract   PDF
Brianna Newport
2016 Cognitive training may indicate evidence of training effect but does not show transfer to working memory, cognitive flexibility, or fluid intelligence in college students Abstract   PDF
Elliot Nauert
2016 Combustion-Cylinder Optimization for an Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis Abstract   PDF
Sarah M. Swanson
2016 Community Engagement in Place-Based Social and Economic Development: A Case Study of The Wild Ramp Local Food Market Abstract   PDF
Hannah James
2016 Comparative Analysis of Behavioral Engagement and Transferable Skills in Conventional and Montessori Schools. Abstract   PDF
Iwona Franczak
2016 Comparative Analysis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Anatase vs. Rutile Crystal Phases for the Purpose of Water Treatment Abstract   PDF
Jeannette Isabella Calvin
2016 Comparative Interaction of Cadherin Cell Adhesion Proteins with Guanine Nucleotide-Binding Proteins Ga12 and Ga13 Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Sims
2016 Compared Analysis of Muscle Activation during Piston Resistance Training and Free-Weight Training Abstract   PDF
Nicole Hernandez
2016 Comparing Greenhouse Gases from Composting and Landfilling Abstract   PDF
Brittany Deesing
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