Reverse Tarot: A Representation of Extreme Negative Thinking

Max Killion


Individuals with self-loathing mentalities trap themselves in a vicious cycle of self-fulfilled prophecies that inhibit their ability to see their world rationally. Because someone with distorted logic will only see what they want; if what they want to see is their own devastation, then they will find a way to confirm it for themselves. This series of graphite drawings visually explores the extent to which these people forcibly infer negative connotations to support a belief of their own self-deprecation. Using tarot cards as a vehicle for this idea, the artist takes the original cards' meanings and distorts the information to an extreme caricature skewed towards the macabre.The resulting artwork presents this pitfall of pessimism by being intentionally ignorant of each individual piece of the tarot cards' favorable outlooks. Throughout the series, a transition is communicated of this phenomenon, growing more extreme and twisted as a portrayal of this diseased thinking swallows the individual's sense of logic and reality, and shows the cynic's twisted interpretation of what fate they pull themselves toward. Influences are taken from contemporary Polish painter Zdziszlaw Beksinski for his surrealist representations of figures and their environment and Austrian painter Gustav Klimt for his use of patterning and metal leaf.



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