Validation of Radius Bone Model Using Finite Element Analysis Under Single Cycle Bending Load

Tulsi Patel


In this study we aimed to create and validate a computational model of the radius bone to characterize its behavior under mechanical loading. This enables to circumvent any of the uncertainties realized in an experimental setting to make accurate predictions along with reducing the cost and effort. In the first step, a three – dimensional model of a radial bone was developed using SolidWorks. Subsequently, validation of the model was accomplished using Finite Element (FE) analysis software ABAQUS where a flexural test with implicit integration scheme under transient loads and constraints was replicated to simulate the experimental results. Successively, a verified model was used to calculate the response under loading after the addition of fixation plate using screws interface. Currently this research is in its preliminary phase although a working model under the forearm plate and screws interface will assist in testing optimized designs of the compression forearm plate commonly used during forearm fixation orthopedic surgeries.

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