The Role of Polar Auxin Transport in Moss Gametophytes

Mason D Bader


Polar auxin transport (PAT) is a directional transport process important in the function and development of sporophytic plant axes. Evolutionarily, gametophyte axes dominated the plant life cycle first, but PAT is not well understood in this developmental stage.  Gaining a stronger understanding of PAT in the gametophyte may provide insight into axes evolution.  3H-IAA was used to examine PAT in the acrocarp species Dicranum scoparium and the pleurocarp species Thuidium delicatulum to see if any differences between growth pattern existed. Both mosses exhibited higher PAT in the acropetal directions yet a complete bidirectional flow of auxin was observed in both species. However, the different growth patterns did possess varying responses to NPA, a traditional PAT inhibitor suggesting that gametophytes may use auxin differently depending on axis orientation.


Gametophyte; Sporophyte; Polar Auxin Transport; Moss; Protein

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