ClearBlue: The 3D Printed Portable Water Filter

Manisha Sanjay Patel


As stated by the World Health Organization, arsenic and fluoride are two of the most common and dangerous metals found in drinking water worldwide. The issue arises frequently in developing countries where water is available but is not in drinkable condition. This project introduces a device, ClearBlue, that can not only filter out the two toxic metals and various types of bacteria, but is also portable and light weight- allowing it to be utilized at any time anywhere when filtered water is needed immediately. ClearBlue consists of a small sized filter that utilizes activated alumina technology and a bio-sand filter to kill and trap all arsenic and fluoride metals, bacteria, and dirt. The exterior part of the filter was designed via designing software and was produced completely by a 3D printer, utilizing PVP plastic as the material- which is sturdy and well durable. The interior part, the actual filter itself, was put together with two sections. One section consisting of activated alumina- in which the water would absorb all arsenic and fluoride metals. The second section is the bio- sand filter, which consists of finite sand and gravel that can trap 95% of all commonly found bacteria and dirt. Through further field testing, we will be able to confirm the success of this filter in purifying contaminated water into safe drinkable water.


Water Treatment, 3-D Printing, Arsenic Removal

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