Safe Sex: A Study of the Influences on Safe Sexual Decision Making

Danielle N Horne


Two questionnaires and a survey conducted by Dr. Corey Gilbert in his Human Sexuality course taught at two private, Christian schools provided the data for this research. Research was conducted using statistical correlation between sexual experiences against social and environmental factors, including but not limited to: parental influence, sexual education in school, comfort talking with peers, and age of sexual exposure. The quantitative cross correlation revealed many statistically significant correlations including student conservativeness with sexual behaviors, parental influence on the child’s sexual behavior, and a correlation between the main source of sexual information and number of risky sexual experiences. The qualitative data was derived from questions about the Human Sexuality course itself, and revealed students in these courses, not dependent on their sexual experiences or self-labeled conservativeness, are eager to discuss their feelings and experiences in the effort to better understand healthy sexuality. There appears to be something missing in our present day system of teaching sexuality, and it is evident in the mentality and behaviors of our current college generation


Sexual Influences, Sexual Behavior, Parental Influence

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