3D Scanning and Modeling

Kevin Fuentes, Kyron Donaldson


The project involves researching the manipulation of a 3D model. To better understand the overall process that is required for a 3D scan to be processed and received by a 3D scanner. The goal of the project was to create tangible objects through converting STL and CAD files for developing these models. This has been achieved through understanding and working with the programs Skanect, Autodesk Memento, MeshLab, and Solid Works. Working with these programs it becomes clear that it is possible for a scan to be rendered and then modified and then printed with moveable pieces that are also interchangeable. The research personifies the endless possibilities of 3D scanning made palpable through 3D printing.


3D Scanner, 3D Printer, Busk, Skanect, Memento, Solid Works, MeshLab

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