Bring Chipotle to Carrollton

Matthew Hukin, Deia Dennis, MaryLeith Turner, Beheruz Sethna


Motivation/Central Purpose: Despite its popularity with college students across the U.S., the closest Chipotle Mexican Grill location to the University of West Georgia (UWG) campus is an hour away. To persuade Chipotle management to open a location in Carrollton, Georgia (the location of UWG), our team set out to prove that there was a significant demand on campus for a Chipotle location nearby, and make recommendations as to how a potential location could maximize its profits.

Methodology: Our research team created a survey to be administered to UWG students. It consisted of six demographic questions and nine questions concerned with individual opinions on aspects of Chipotle and its ongoing GMO controversy. We set up a booth in a high-traffic area on campus and asked passers-by to fill out surveys, using two carnival-style games and candy prizes as attractions. We ultimately gathered 385 surveys, which we then analyzed with SPSS. Methods used include data summaries, T-tests, correlations, chi-squared tests, and regression analyses. Based on the conclusions from these tests, we developed managerial implications and recommendations for Chipotle management.

Conclusions: Data summaries showed that our sample demographics were reasonably consistent with those of UWG. Approximately 84% of participants Agreed or Strongly Agreed that they would like a Chipotle location nearby, ~70% said that they would eat at Chipotle 1-2 or 3-5 times per month. Mean responses for variables that indicated a positive general perception of Chipotle were significantly greater than 3.0, and all except one were significantly greater than 4.0. Chipotle’s largest competitor would be Chick-Fil-A. T-tests showed significant preference for Chipotle among African-Americans over Whites. Chi-squared showed that eating at Chipotle creates a preference for continuing to eat there, in spite of controversy.

Results/Recommendations: Open a Chipotle location no more than five minutes away from UWG campus, accommodate local market conditions.


Chipotle; Market; Carrollton; Statistical Analysis

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