Albatross: A 2D Action Adventure Role Play Game with a Twist

Tyler Daine Strickland


Albatross was developed using the Unity 5 engine, and includes many elements of an ARPG, such as an experience system, equipment, fast battles, etc. However the point of the game is to not only complete the level in an action adventure fashion (similar to games like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and the Ys series) but also to solve puzzles or challenges in order to advance past enemies and through the level. By destroying enemies haphazardly, the character’s “burden meter” increases; this is represented by the albatross the character is forced to carry. If the albatross gets too heavy, it defeats the character. If the character finds other ways of defeating or getting around enemies, the albatross’ weight does not increase. The burden meter is the “twist”; it adds a layer of complexity to the battle play. The goal of this project was to create a concept computer based demo for a console based ARPG. The game has three levels, and the levels take on average around four minutes to complete depending on which level the player is on and level complexity. The three levels will vary in enemy layout and monsters, and the final level will have a harder enemy to defeat. The project was iteratively tested and improved over two cycles by five users of varying technical skills


Unity 5; Game Development; User Testing

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