Electronic Bill (eBill) Collector with Single Sign-On

Konstantin Kazantsev


Electronic Bill (eBill) Collector is a web application designed to make bill paying easier, by finding and organizing a client's electronic bills. The application filters the client's emails looking for specific senders; then parses selected emails to extract certain fields, e.g. due date and due amount; and, finally, archives the information in a database for easy sorting and retrieval. To keep the clients' information secure and private, authorization and access restrictions are imposed. Authorization security, as in OAuth, secures clients' data from outside threats and builds a layer of security within to ensure the client only sees information pertaining to them. There will also be access restriction at the SQL level to create another layer of security. Developed in Brackets using JavaScript, the web app implements the Gmail API, Google Cloud SQL, and OAuth 2.0. Gmail API is used because clients may receive emails from other email service providers. In order to have a good user experience (UX), the web application is easy to use and easy to learn. The accessible user interface (UI) I is accomplished by using user’s language, having clear and easy to use controls, and have clear ways to undo unwanted actions. Five representative users tested the eBill Collector and their feedback was used to iteratively improve the application's functionality and its user experience.


Single Sign-on; Gmail; Bills

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