Food Industry Influence on Dietary Advice in the United States

Aaron Stern


This study utilizes data regarding food industry spending and nutrition policy outcomes to determine influence food industry holds on public offices. The question investigated is what influence food industry has on nutrition policy and public health? The most visible aspect of nutrition policy in the United States is the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are to be released by January 1st, 2016. The American public has continued to develop health problems such as obesity and diabetes even as nutrition science has advanced and created more readily available nutrition information. Nutrition policy is important because it dictates the way consumers understand and purchase food. Food industry influence comes both in subtle and direct forms. The influence is much further reaching than just the Dietary Guidelines. Food industry is shaping the food policy for the United States, not the consumers it effects. The results demonstrate that the food industry exercises undue influence over the shaping of Dietary Guidelines and nutrition policy as a whole.


Nutrition Policy, Dietary Guidelines, Food Industry

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