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2015 Synthesis and Isolation of 5,6,7-Trimethoxy Indoles for Binding Diverse Functional Groups at the 3-Position of the Indole to Make Novel Combretastatin Derivatives Abstract   PDF
Teresa Rocha
2015 Techniques for Measuring Empathetic Responses in Pre-Healthcare Students vs. Non-Pre-Healthcare Students Abstract   PDF
Chase Travis Brower
2015 Techniques to Enhance Security of an Authentication Protocol Abstract   PDF
Michael Smith, Brandon Barker
2015 Tests of Short-Range Gravity with a Novel Parallel-Plate Torsion Pendulum Abstract   PDF
Michael Powers Ross
2015 The Analysis of Carbonate, Magnesium, and Copper by Three Separate Titrations: Weak Base, Metal-Ligand Complex, and Oxidation-Reduction Titrations Abstract   PDF
Joseph D. Hantho
2015 The BRICS and the Global Human Rights Regime: Is an Alternative Norms Regime in Our Future? Abstract   PDF
Lucas D. Rivers
2015 The Commercial and Cultrural Implications of Online Distribution Abstract   PDF
Alexander Michael Jacobs
2015 The Common Law and the Enlightenment: The Origins of Liberal-Democratic Disourse in the Ancient Constitution Abstract   PDF
Grant E Stanton
2015 The Death of Semiology After Conceptual Art Abstract   PDF
Rachel Winter
2015 The Effect of Urban Heat Islands and Traffic Wheel Pressure on the Performance of Asphalt Pavements Abstract   PDF
Kaiqi Zhang
2015 The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Muscular Strength and Endurance in Mice Abstract   PDF
David Howden, Craig Boekenoogen, Jared Wagoner, Shaina Miller, Bertha Mendez-Guajardo
2015 The Examination of Personality Traits in Relation to Alcohol Consumption Among College Students Abstract   PDF
Victoria Xidas
2015 The Framed Victim: Analyzing the Jennifer Laude Case in American and Filipino News Reports Abstract   PDF
Adrian Ellis Jaranilla Alarilla
2015 The G.W. Bush War on Terror and Wilsonianism Abstract   PDF
Oceane Imber
2015 The Ideology of American Home Economists in China between the 1920s and the 1940s: Interactions between Orientalism and Ideals of Domestic Science Abstract   PDF
Nancy Morgan Mason
William Matthew Meredith
2015 The Relationship between Blacking Out and Gulping Drinks for Female College Students Abstract   PDF
Dana Marie Nocera
2015 The Resiliency of Authoritarianism: The Assad Regime of Syria Abstract   PDF
Seema Kassab
2015 The Role of Community Health Workers in Delivering Interventions Targeting Depression for Priority Populations Abstract   PDF
Julia Ward Bloomstine
2015 Use of Portable Tuned Mass Dampers for Vibration Control of Pedestrian Bridges Abstract   PDF
Emily Bell
2015 Using Experience Sampling Method (ESM) to Assess Cognitive and Affective Engagement of Youth Volunteers at a Children's Museum Abstract   PDF
Marissa Louise Post
2015 Video Game Addiction and Personality Traits Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Anwar Hadeed, Elizabeth Nielsen
2015 Western Media Coverage of the Syrian Crisis: A Watershed for the CNN Effect Abstract   PDF
Hanna Werman
2015 Women in Politics: A Comparison Between the United States and Britain Abstract   PDF
Natasha Kang
2015 World War II Propaganda and the "Ideal Citizen" Abstract   PDF
Valerie Lynn Jacobson
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