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2015 Colonialism’s Role in the Success of the Filipino Skin Whitening Industry Abstract   PDF
Francine Sabiniano Singson
2015 Communication Conflict in Crimea Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Gegare Willi
2015 Comparison Threat: Social Comparison and Working Memory Capacity Abstract   PDF
Philip Edward Peper
2015 Complete Kinetic and Mechanistic Decomposition of Zinc Oxalate with Characterization of Intermediates and Final Oxide Abstract   PDF
Nicholas D. Cooper
2015 Content-Form Trade-offs in the spontaneous stories told by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Implications for Assessment and Instruction. Abstract   PDF
Samantha DeLucchi
2015 Cultural Factors Associated with Utilization of Antenatal Care Services in Rural India: a Study of Predisposing Characteristics, Enabling Variables, and Perceived Need of Care Abstract   PDF
Anjali Om
2015 Cyber Physical Smart Grid Abstract   PDF
Daniel Hawbaker, Timothy Kazimer, Petar Repic, Ethan Gleue, Quintin Howard, Chadwick Cortes, Michael Finocchio
2015 Demeaning and Use: a Pragmatic Account of Slurs as Instances of Social Deixis Abstract   PDF
Jason Krivo Flores
2015 Detection of Possible Pathogenicity of Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated from Urban Playa Lakes and the Feces of Canada Geese and Resident Waterfowl Abstract   PDF
Logan Adams
2015 Development of a Mouse Model of Obesity via High Sucrose Consumption Abstract   PDF
Jared Wagoner, Emma Felzien, Calvin Vetter, Ken Johnson, Alec Rodriguez
2015 Different Drums, Same Groove: A Comparison in the development of Function and Approach between Bodhrán and Jazz Drum Set Abstract   PDF
Tyler Dean Stark
2015 Doctors and Diversity: Using Interfaith Literacy and Interfaith Dialogue to Improve Patient Care Abstract   PDF
Leslie Bellwood
2015 Doulas as Change Agents: My Doula and Me Project Abstract   PDF
Nicole Fazio
2015 Duration of stopover in relation to date of arrival in vagrant Western Kingbirds (Tyrannus verticalis) Abstract   PDF
Lucinda Christine Zawadzki
2015 Eating Outside the Lines: Exploring Bidirectional Cultural Adaptation through Immigrant Cuisine in France and the US Abstract   PDF
Candace Evilsizor
2015 Empowered People’s Aesthetic Preferences Driven by Motor Fluency Abstract   PDF
Madalina Vlasceanu
2015 Ethical Implications of Inconclusive Scientific Research on Schizophrenia Abstract   PDF
Ashley Cheff
2015 Expanding Rawls to a Global Scale Abstract   PDF
Sarah Sauter
2015 Experimental Analysis of Supercoiling in Twisted Polymer Line Abstract   PDF
Marlen Mahendraratnam, Allison Stiller, Stephen J Burns
2015 Exploration of Stability Factors in Families After Participating in the Family Promise Programs Abstract   PDF
Summer Wittmer, Kayla Hopper
2015 Exploring"Experiences of First Semester Nursing Students: Journaling as a Means to Reduce Stress and Anxiety" Abstract   PDF
Arielle Bass, Stacey RayAnne Bradford
2015 Factors Affecting Dermacentor Tick Abundance at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Andrew Loehlein
2015 Filamentation in protein repair-deficient Escherichia coli Abstract   PDF
Christina Kadine Carstens
2015 Frequency of Nurse-led Tobacco Cessation Interventions and Influencing Factors Abstract   PDF
Dulce Viviana Mancine
2015 Gender Disparities in the Tech Industry: The Effects of Gender and Stereotypicaility on Perceived Environmental Fit Abstract   PDF
Sullivan Swift
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