World War II Propaganda and the "Ideal Citizen"

Valerie Lynn Jacobson


During World War II, the United States Office of War Information (OWI) produced and distributed posters, news reels, and radio broadcasts during the war.  Many of these messages were produced for the home front, and advised citizens on how men, women, and children were to act and behave in society, how they should support the war effort, increase production, ration supplies, and fulfill their roles as citizens.

This presentation will focus on how government propaganda portrayed the “ideal citizen” during World War II.   The government expected citizens to know why America was in the war, and how their efforts would shape and influence the outcome of the war.

This research will contribute to the scholarship on World War II through an exploration of the way that propaganda tries to shape national goals and citizens’ behaviors.


WWII; Propaganda; Advertising

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