Longevity of SYBR® Safe Signal in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Michelle Sopetti, Lauren Hargrave


SYBR ® Safe is utilized as a safer alternative to ethidium bromide in nucleic acid electrophoresis. The utilization of ethidium bromide has been well characterized in a number of scenarios where there has been a delayed use of electrophoresis gels. The longevity of the SYBR® Safe signal determines the potential for a gel to be poured on one day and electrophoresed on another. It also determines the potential for capturing data of an electrophoresed gel at a later date. This study also investigated if a gel can be re-used by electrophoresing the gel again, utilizing previously unused lanes. This study offers supplementary information for the use of SYBR® Safe in smaller teaching and research molecular biology laboratories.


SYBR® Safe, electrophoresis, teaching

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