Cyber Physical Smart Grid

Daniel Hawbaker, Timothy Kazimer, Petar Repic, Ethan Gleue, Quintin Howard, Chadwick Cortes, Michael Finocchio


The Cyber Physical Smart Grid (CPSG) project models a small-scale power distribution system that integrates intelligent metering and distributed generation and allows for improved automation and control via a graphical user interface.  Creating a distribution system testbench allows for the testing of implementation of autonomous controls on a physical system. The cyber physical smart grid seeks to develop this testbench by creating variable controllable loads, power factor correction, renewable energy sources, and a graphical user interface to control and monitor the grid.  The project achieves these goals by using a phase angle control circuit and static resistor and inductors to create a controllable circuit that can simulate load profiles on the system.  Additionally, a controllable capacitor bank allows for power factor correction based on the phase angles determined by the phasor measurement units located at each bus.  To emulate renewable energy injection the project utilizes a synchronized DC to AC invertor that can match the voltage of the testbench and allows for control of the power supplied to the grid.   Finally the project developed a graphical user interface to allow a human operator to both view the current and historical data collected from the testbench and execute control actions as necessary to operate the grid.   The project endstate will be to develop algorithms that will determine and implement the most efficient and economical operating point by turning on and off generation sources, correcting for reactive power and turning on and off transmission lines as needed.  The testbench allows for full integration testing of smart metering and distributed generation on a physical system and improves the efficiency of the grid by making autonomous control decisions to correct power factor and transmission line loading.


Microgird; Power System; Phasor Measurement Unit; Smart Grid; Renewable Energy

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