Influence of Quality of Life and Reason for Non-disclosure on HIV Stress among Urban HIV-Infected African American Men

Raven Shamone Wright


Background: Although antiretroviral medications are prolonging the lives of individuals with HIV/AIDS, many individuals still have to contend with the day-to-day stressors of living with the disease, which affects their quality of life. People living with HIV/AIDS also must contend with social stigma balancing who to tell and when to disclose their sero-positive status leading to greater burden of stress. Limited information exists on the path of disclosure, relationship to quality of life (QOL) and HIV stress among urban African American men.  Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of quality of life and reasons for nondisclosure on HIV stress among urban HIV-Infected African American men. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study consisting of a non-probability sample (n = 117) urban African American men age ≥18 years who self-identified as living with HIV/AIDS were enrolled in the study. Participants’ age ranged from 21-60 years (M= 43years).  A survey questionnaire consisting of 4 instruments was administered: (a) The World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale (WWHOQOL-BREF Scale), (b) Derlega Reasons for HIV Disclosure Scale, (c) HIV/AIDS Stress Scale and (d) Socio-demographic characteristics developed by the primary investigator. Results: As QOL increased HIV related stress decreased, while as reasons for non-disclosure increased, HIV stress increased. Multivariate hierarchical linear regression analysis showed QOL to mediate the influence of non-disclosure on HIV stress. Controlling for socio-demographic variables, non-disclosure factors significantly influence HIV related stress; however, when adding QOL to the equation, nondisclosure was no longer significant. Conclusion: Understanding factors associated with QOL, non-disclosure of HIV status, are important indicators to enhancing the well being of urban African American men living with HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS program should incorporate reasons for nondisclosure when addressing HIV stress.


Urban African American Men, HIV Disclosure, HIV Related Stress, Quality of Life

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