Assessing the Andean Custodian Farmer movement to protect seed diversity through ex-situ conservation: moral, political, and economic conflicts in international agrobiodiversity conservation

Natalie Moran Hoidal


This presentation follows a two-month research expedition through Peru and Bolivia exploring the impacts of climate change on rural farming communities and their adaptation strategies. A “Custodian Farmer” movement has arisen as a way for local community leaders to preserve biodiversity in-situ (in the field). However, in the face of climate change, urbanization and subsequent youth migration, as well as changing market demands, many farmers doubt that in-situ conservation will suffice in protecting biodiversity and cultural heritage. Seed banks and research institutions exist as alternatives, but mistrust of such institutions poses challenges for many communities. I examine these factors and provide case studies of compromise and success.


Agrobiodiversity, Climate, Property

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