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2014 The Differences of Hangover Symptoms in Beer vs. Vodka Drinkers Abstract   PDF
Maura Daley Fawcett
2014 The Effect of Anxiety on Self-Disclosure of Alcohol Use Abstract   PDF
Jacob Levine
2014 The Effect of Hindbrain Orexin A Signaling on Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis and Physical Activity Abstract   PDF
Rachel E. Lee
2014 The Effects of Growth Conditions on Bacterial Inhibition of Water Mold Abstract   PDF
Mary Elizabeth Blaha, Kori Sye
2014 The Effects of Neuroplasticity on Major Depression Disorder in rTMS Combined with Antidepressant Treatments Abstract   PDF
Qinpu He
2014 The Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Perceptions of Mental Illness Abstract   PDF
Caitlin Garstkiewicz
2014 The Election of 1828: A Changing of the U.S. Political Landscape Abstract   PDF
Victoria Kathleen Patterson
2014 The Emergence of Arthurian Literature in Spain as a Response to Governmental and Societal Changes Abstract   PDF
Emily Ann Stein
2014 The Evolution of Charles de Gaulle as Leader of la France Libre during World War II (1940–1942) Abstract   PDF
Claire Mayo
2014 The Great Gatsby, the Green Light, and the Metanarrative of Progress Abstract   PDF
Matt Higdon
2014 The Ingredients of Success: A Positivistic Approach to Black Students Graduation and the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Abstract   PDF
Christian Wendland
2014 The Level of Volatile Organic Compounds Exposure in New Buildings: Can Adding Indoor Potted Plants Reduce Exposure? Abstract   PDF
Kelly Vazquez, Lydia Adams
2014 The Male Venus in Art History Abstract   PDF
Kevin Talmer Whiteneir
2014 The Optoelectronic Properties of CVD grown MoS2 Nanowalls Abstract   PDF
Ankit Sharma, Avinash Nayak, Rudresh Ghosh, Hsiao-Yu Chang
2014 The Other Forgotten Pandemic: Canada and the Spanish Flu in 1920 Abstract   PDF
Taylor Jackson
2014 The Pauline Project: Christ Universalized Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Covaleski
2014 The Religious Neighborhood Partners Around Hamline University: A Study of Interfaith Collaboration Abstract   PDF
Miranda D. Chimzar
2014 The Slander Trials of Jane James: A New Model of Female Agency in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts Abstract   PDF
T.K. Holliday
2014 The Transformation and Conjugation of Ampicillin-Resistant Escherichia coli Abstract   PDF
William J Gannon, Nicholas G Stapleton
2014 The Use of Natural Orbitals in Predicting Molecular Properties Abstract   PDF
Evan Jahrman
2014 The Value of Ecosystem Services in the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Forestland Abstract   PDF
Michelle Messick Gilmore
2014 Tholins: A Study of Chemistry in Titan's Atmosphere Abstract   PDF
Walter Para, Donghui Quan
2014 To House a Moor and End a Marsh: Jane and Imperialism through Liminal and Structural Processes in Jane Eyre Abstract   PDF
Vincent Chien
2014 Tracking the Polyrhythm: Broadband Photometry and Lightcurve of the Binary Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (285263) 1998 QE2 with Photometric Analysis Methods Abstract   PDF
Adrian Lawson Carcione
2014 Two-phase Energy System Abstract   PDF
Eric Joshua Leaman, Jack Ryan Cochran
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