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2014 Social Connectivity and the Youth Vote: Comparing Youth Voter Turnout in 1992 & 2008 Abstract   PDF
Daniel J. Simmons
2014 Sophomore = Wise Fool? The Examination of Alcohol Consumption Throughout Class Years Abstract   PDF
Victoria Xidas
2014 Spectral Fluorescence Characteristics of Commercially Available Hydrocarbon Sensors Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Joymarie Jocis
2014 Spectroscopic Determination of White Dwarf Candidates for the Dark Energy Survey Abstract   PDF
Mees Bernard Fix
2014 Sport Education Model and Motivation in University Physical Education Classes Abstract   PDF
Michael Mellinger, Rachel Cheek
2014 Stereotype Spillover Effects on Women in Mathematics Abstract   PDF
Laura Elizabeth Jensen
2014 Steve Biko: The Intellectual Roots of South African Black Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Alexander Christopher Habibi
2014 Striving to be Thin: Pressures, Unrealistic Ideals and Essential Reformations in the Ballet World Abstract   PDF
Alyssa Mitchel
2014 Struggle Over Peace The Political Battles of Woodrow Wilson Abstract   PDF
Sean Lovellette
2014 Students versus Counselors: An investigation of prominent stressors and outreach programming from the perspective of Scottish undergraduates and university counselors Abstract   PDF
Meghan Leigh Pickett
2014 Study of the Effects of Chemical Etchants on the Quality of Silver Nanowires Cultivated on Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate Abstract   PDF
Jade Cyan Snow
2014 Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Silver Foams Abstract   PDF
Dana Hess
2014 Synthesis and Characterization of Neodymium nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Maya Muyurina Castro De La Torre, Ryan Fukuda
2014 Synthesis of 7-Alkoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarins via the Pechmann Condensation Reaction Using Catalytic Iodine Abstract   PDF
Jami DeGrote
2014 Synthesis of Imidazolium-functionalized Ionic Liquid Specialties Abstract   PDF
Eric Sylvester, Annegret Stark, Markus Hoffmann
2014 Systematic Pedagogy to Line Balancing with EXCEL Abstract   PDF
Thomas Joseph Lovejoy-Henkel
2014 Testing Multiple PCA Techniques with Median Normalization to Analyze NIR Spectral Images of the Martian Surface Abstract   PDF
Dominic Payne
Sarah Jayne Kessler
2014 The Advent of the Masculinized Woman in Romantic Literature Abstract   PDF
Alysha Allen
2014 The African-American History Requirement for Students in the School District of Philadelphia: Is it Worth the Controversy? Abstract   PDF
Brian Broderick
2014 The Analysis of Biodiesel Blends by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) Abstract   PDF
Aleksandr Pikalov
2014 The Analysis of the Effects of Principle Component Analysis on Mars Image Mosaics Abstract   PDF
Sean David Hoyt
2014 The Co-hong and the Company: The Emergence of Quasi-Governmental Institutions in Eighteenth Century Canton Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Christopher Drake
2014 The Dance Dilemma: An Analysis of the Implications of Dance on Soft Power During the Cold War Abstract   PDF
Anjali Mehta
2014 The (D)evolution of the Security Council: A Three-Part Case Study on the post-Cold War Use of the Veto Abstract   PDF
Rebekah Leo, Sarah Terlizzi
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