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2014 Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Structural Deflection: A 3D Imaging Approach Abstract   PDF
Eric Rogers
2014 On the Road with Richard Prince: Beat Movement themes in the Art of Richard Prince Abstract   PDF
Hannah Soltys
2014 Optimal allocation of employee resources to meet staffing demands Abstract   PDF
Eli Towle, Kane Mach
2014 Organized Atheism Creating Community Abstract   PDF
Jess Landgraf
2014 Overcoming Communication Apprehension in Pharmacy Students Abstract   PDF
Dale Dong
2014 Paleoenvironmental Study of Late Holocene, Organic-Rich Deposits Recovered from Pink Beds, A Southern Appalachian Wetland in Western NC Abstract   PDF
Michele Kay Carmichael-Coker, Ashley Brittain, Cullen Cogburn, Michael Williams
2014 Pan Species Chemical Agent Detector Through Optomechanics of Surface Acoustic Waves Abstract   PDF
Andrew Oswald
2014 Parametric Modeling of Electric Vehicle Charging Profiles Abstract   PDF
Nicole Ng
2014 Parenting Stress Among Biological, Adoptive, Foster, and Guardian Parents of Children with Prenatal and/or Environmental Substance Exposure Abstract   PDF
Kristina Kochanova
2014 Particle-in-cell Simulations of Inverse Compton Scattering Abstract   PDF
Jamison Edward Thorne
2014 Patterns of Disordered Eating and Body Perception Among the Dietetics Student Social Network Abstract   PDF
Teresa Rose Schwendler
2014 Pirate Gold and Sailor Gain: Property and Ownership among Pirates, Privateers, and Sailors during the Golden Age of Piracy Abstract   PDF
Allyson Ropp
2014 Polarimetric Radar Analysis of the Microphysics of Charge Separation in an MCC Event on June 15, 2013 Abstract   PDF
Kun-Yuan Lee, Jacquelyn Susanne Ringhausen
2014 Positional Weighted Voting and Linear Algebra Abstract   PDF
Kent Vashaw
2014 Producing Fuel from Carbon Dioxide Using Zinc Abstract   PDF
Jamie Michelle Stafford
2014 Production And Measurement Of Four Degree Of Freedom Photonic States With Correlated Photons Abstract   PDF
Darwin Cordovilla, Jae Choi
2014 Projecting self and increasing telepresence by merging identites Abstract   PDF
Kevin Scott Smith
2014 Reality versus virtual experience of war: Lecture recital of the opera War Without End Abstract   PDF
Jason Thomas Hoffmann
2014 Real-Time PCR of cDNA of Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV) RNA Abstract   PDF
Kelsey Marie Hayden, Mary Chey
2014 Reflecting the Image of God: Examining Spirituality’s Influence on Negative Health Behaviors Abstract   PDF
Mathew Giffin
2014 Resisting Enslavement through Religion Abstract   PDF
Matthew Rakowski
2014 SCARLESS WOUND HEALING: Increased Collagen Deposition Along Wound Edge in Human Fibroblasts vs. hEScells Abstract   PDF
Roxanne Piol Bartolome, Tam Thanh Nguyen, Eileen Rosalyn Ing
2014 Semantic Similarity of Documents Using Latent Semantic Analysis Abstract   PDF
Chelsea Boling, Kumer Das
2014 Short-Range Wireless Communications for Vehicular Ad hoc Networking Abstract   PDF
Joshua Thomas Blasius
2014 Snack Attack: Comical Paintings Exposing Hidden Deceptions of the Modern Food Industry Abstract   PDF
Allison Fawcett
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