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2014 Enhancing the Nutritional Quality of Flour Tortillas: An Investigation of Consumer Receptivity to a Fortified Tortilla Product Abstract   PDF   PDF
Anna Marie Rose Hayes
2014 Estimated Cost of Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences in College Students Abstract   PDF
Kim Parent
2014 Evaluating Pharmaceutical Sorption to Soils and Ground Water from an Eastern North Carolinian Family Farm Abstract   PDF
Brittany Ford
2014 Evaluation of Double-stranded (ds) RNA from Select Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani by Real-Time PCR Abstract   PDF
Hannah Cornman, Lauren Comunale, Mary Chey, Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew
2014 Evansville as a Breeding Ground for Female Reform Abstract   PDF
Brianna McLaughlin
2014 Examination of pH and the Electric Field in Simultaneous Chromatography and Electrophoresis Abstract   PDF
Brae Petersen, Paul Powell, Kishor Prasain, Jared Breakall, Bryce Thompson
2014 Experimental and Computational Investigation of CH3CHFCH2Cl and CF3CHFCH2Cl: An Examination of the Effect of an Electron-donating and an Electron-Withdrawing Group on the F-Cl Interchange Unimolecular Reaction Abstract   PDF
Corey McClintock
2014 Experimental Progress on Tests of Gravity at 20 microns Abstract   PDF
Crystal Cardenas, Andrew Conrad Harter, Michael Ross
2014 Exploring College Student Alcohol Consumption Patterns Using Social Network Analysis Abstract   PDF
Rachel Elizabeth Ronau
2014 Exploring Nonprofit Managers’ Response to Budgetary Constraints During the Great Recession Abstract   PDF
Clary Sage Lamberton
2014 Exploring the American Revolution from Multiple Perspectives through Critical Literacy Discussions in a Fifth-Grade Classroom Abstract   PDF
Janelle Roberts
2014 Faeries and Visions: The Use of Medieval Conventions in Romantic Literature Abstract   PDF
Asha Alexandra Azariah-Kribbs​
2014 Finding Elizabeth I in Shakespeare's Richard II Abstract   PDF
Chelsea Chafin
2014 "Fitting into the Story": Western Romance and Blackness in Toni Morrison's "Tar Baby" Abstract   PDF
Carrie Moore
2014 Fluorescent Imaging of Rhizoctonia solani Isolate TOM7 Hyphae Anastomosis Abstract   PDF
Robert Paul Connacher
2014 Franz Liszt and the Battle Against Tonality Abstract   PDF
Wesley Ivan Rose
2014 Gender and BAC: A Predictor of Risky Behavior Among College Students? Abstract   PDF
Madeline McDonough
2014 Gender Crash: A Semiotic Analysis of Masculine Sexuality in Grant Wood's Death on the Ridge Road Abstract   PDF
Mark Lisowski
2014 Gender Differences between Hooking up and Alcohol Abstract   PDF
Dana Nocera
2014 Genetic Diversity in Totonacan-Speaking Populations from Veracruz and Puebla States of Mexico Abstract   PDF
Daniel Ross Brooks
2014 Google Service: The Bridge Between Expectations and Satisfaction Abstract   PDF
Michelle Ammirati, Jennifer Barish, Michela Ann Moe, Jennifer Segal, James Walsh
2014 Hamlet, Luther, and the Protestant Hero Abstract   PDF
Matt Higdon
2014 Hip-Hop and Black Identity: A Meta-Analytic Review Explaining How Modern Hip-Hop Relates to Black Identity and How It Has Created Signs of Complacency in Today’s African-American Youth Abstract   PDF
Neena Rani Speer
2014 Hispanic Children: Pioneers For Cultural Change Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Yanez
2014 How Can Mobile Technology Help Reduce The Incidences of Cyberbullying? Abstract   PDF
Veronica Angel
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