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2014 Characterizing the Surface of Mars In the Near-Infrared Abstract   PDF
Jessica Caroline Snyder
2014 Characterizing Water-Related Land Uses Across Urban River Reaches Abstract   PDF
Dusty Pilkington
2014 Charge transport in CVD graphene Abstract   PDF
Marishka Oquendo Mustafa, Gabriel Calderon, Josee Vedrine, Gang Hee, Allen Johnson, Nicholas Pinto
2014 Chemistry and Education: Instructional and Assessment Strategies to Improve Knowledge Retention Abstract   PDF
Breche' Wells
2014 China's Housing Market: A Reflection of Domestic Investment Challenges Abstract   PDF
Hannah Luddy Randolph
2014 Chloride Monitoring at Coldwater Spring Abstract   PDF
Sophie Mitsuko Kasahara
2014 Citrate Content of Bone: A Potential Measure of Postmortem Interval Abstract   PDF
Charles Froome
2014 Closer Monitoring of Wind Power Generation Could Better Optimize the Charging of Electric Vehicles Abstract   PDF
Patrick Rock Berg
2014 Computational Fluid Dynamics of the Pediatric Trachea Abstract   PDF
David Rutkowski
2014 Congruence of Perception of Asthma Control Between Parents, Children, and Clinicians Abstract   PDF
Britain Elise Somple
2014 Contribution of the N-terminal Domain of Human Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase to tRNALys Binding Abstract   PDF
Jacob Calhoun
2014 Convection Initiation Along the Rocky Mountain Front Range Abstract   PDF
Brian Christopher Matilla, Katja Friedrich
2014 Correlates of Early vs. Late Onset Criminality: A Life-Course and Self-Control Theory Analysis Abstract   PDF
Lizabeth Remrey
2014 Decision-Making and the Creation of Countercultural Organizational Power Structures Abstract   PDF
Daniel Macon Chick
2014 Development of a Multi-purpose Electrospray-electron Impact Tandem Mass Spectrometer Abstract   PDF
Cody Hill
2014 Development of an Experimental Rig to Measure the Transient Response of Crossflow Heat Exchanger Abstract   PDF
Joseph Russell Heinlen Schaadt
2014 Do Fear Appeals Increase Persuasion? Influence of Loss- Versus Gain-Framed Diversity Messages Abstract   PDF
Nicole Danielle Karpinsky
2014 Do Music and Science Students Have the Same Learning Styles? Abstract   PDF
Mark Ivey, Nicole Lee
2014 Doctors and Garbage Men: Unpacking Post-Secondary Students’ Perceptions of Occupational Prestige Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Shoichet
2014 Education and the Changing the Perceptions of Stuttering Abstract   PDF   PDF ()
Tiffani Kittilstved
2014 Effect of Alcohol Consumption on College Student’s Academic Performance Abstract   PDF
Lauren Powers
2014 Electrochemical Measurement of Toxic Metal Contaminants in the Waters of the Golden Triangle Area Abstract   PDF
Progga Chirontoni, Andrew Gomes, Kumer Das, Tanusree Sarker, Abdulsalam AbdulKadir
2014 Electrospun fibers of poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene)/(P (NDI2OD-T2)) composites Abstract   PDF
Clarissa Vazquez
2014 Embryonic Mesoderm Progenitor Cells Exhibit VEGF Induced Differentiation and In Vitro Vasculogenesis Abstract   PDF
Rachel deVries, Jessica Ramirez
2014 Emotional and Behavioral Health Characteristics of Adolescents Who Carry Guns to School Abstract   PDF
Sudip Bhandari
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