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Caffeine’s Effects on Propagating Arrhythmias PDF
Karl Larson
The Analysis of Biodiesel Blends by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) PDF
Aleksandr Pikalov
Image Processing for Undulatory Locomotion PDF
Sean Waters
Modeling And Sizing Of Energy Storage Devices For Wind Power Generation PDF
Darwin Cordovilla
Evaluating Pharmaceutical Sorption to Soils and Ground Water from an Eastern North Carolinian Family Farm PDF
Brittany Ford
Google Service: The Bridge Between Expectations and Satisfaction PDF
Michelle Ammirati, Jennifer Barish, Michela Ann Moe, Jennifer Segal, James Walsh
Production And Measurement Of Four Degree Of Freedom Photonic States With Correlated Photons PDF
Darwin Cordovilla, Jae Choi
An Economic Study of the Richmond Hill Disc Golf Course PDF
Haley Kellyn Mahoney
Workplace Bullying and Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support PDF
Amy C. Francis
Candid Ken and the Cuban Crisis: Senator Kenneth Keating, the Red Menace, and the Missile Crisis of 1962 PDF
Daniel James Gorman Jr.
Tracking the Polyrhythm: Broadband Photometry and Lightcurve of the Binary Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (285263) 1998 QE2 with Photometric Analysis Methods PDF
Adrian Lawson Carcione
Short-Range Wireless Communications for Vehicular Ad hoc Networking PDF
Joshua Thomas Blasius
Japan's Imaginary Obsession: How the Unreal Engendered a Subculture PDF
Rebecca Michelle Weiss
Striving to be Thin: Pressures, Unrealistic Ideals and Essential Reformations in the Ballet World PDF
Alyssa Mitchel
The African-American History Requirement for Students in the School District of Philadelphia: Is it Worth the Controversy? PDF
Brian Broderick
Correlates of Early vs. Late Onset Criminality: A Life-Course and Self-Control Theory Analysis PDF
Lizabeth Remrey
Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Structural Deflection: A 3D Imaging Approach PDF
Eric Rogers
YouTube to Your TV: The Shift of YouTube Content Creators to Network Television PDF
Brent Joseph Hale
Effect of Alcohol Consumption on College Student’s Academic Performance PDF
Lauren Powers
Gender and BAC: A Predictor of Risky Behavior Among College Students? PDF
Madeline McDonough
Estimated Cost of Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences in College Students PDF
Kim Parent
Association of Biological and Self-Reported Stress Measures with Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Factors Among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes PDF
Valerie Gideon, Emily Brodie
Social Connectivity and the Youth Vote: Comparing Youth Voter Turnout in 1992 & 2008 PDF
Daniel J. Simmons
Reflecting the Image of God: Examining Spirituality’s Influence on Negative Health Behaviors PDF
Mathew Giffin
Spectral Fluorescence Characteristics of Commercially Available Hydrocarbon Sensors PDF
Stephanie Joymarie Jocis
In Reckless Pursuit: Barry Goldwater, A Team of Amateurs and the Rise of Conservatism PDF
Nicholas J D'Angelo
The Effect of Hindbrain Orexin A Signaling on Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis and Physical Activity PDF
Rachel E. Lee
An Examination of Alcohol Consumption and Behaviors in Female Intercollegiate Athletes versus Nonathlete Counterparts PDF
Kelsey Barnes
Congruence of Perception of Asthma Control Between Parents, Children, and Clinicians PDF
Britain Elise Somple
Do Fear Appeals Increase Persuasion? Influence of Loss- Versus Gain-Framed Diversity Messages PDF
Nicole Danielle Karpinsky
Molecular dynamics simulation of electrodes for capacitors made with nano-onions PDF
Jordan Alexis Caraballo Vega, Frances Martínez Miranda
The Religious Neighborhood Partners Around Hamline University: A Study of Interfaith Collaboration PDF
Miranda D. Chimzar
The Slander Trials of Jane James: A New Model of Female Agency in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts PDF
T.K. Holliday
Attempts to Stop the Bleeding: Aid Societies and Family Conflict during Bleeding Kansas in Linn and Bourbon Counties as a result of the George W. Clark Raid of 1856 PDF
William Thomas McClure
To House a Moor and End a Marsh: Jane and Imperialism through Liminal and Structural Processes in Jane Eyre PDF
Vincent Chien
Resisting Enslavement through Religion PDF
Matthew Rakowski
Real-Time PCR of cDNA of Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV) RNA PDF
Kelsey Marie Hayden, Mary Chey
Fluorescent Imaging of Rhizoctonia solani Isolate TOM7 Hyphae Anastomosis PDF
Robert Paul Connacher
Enhancing the Nutritional Quality of Flour Tortillas: An Investigation of Consumer Receptivity to a Fortified Tortilla Product PDF PDF
Anna Marie Rose Hayes
The Analysis of the Effects of Principle Component Analysis on Mars Image Mosaics PDF
Sean David Hoyt
Synthesis of Imidazolium-functionalized Ionic Liquid Specialties PDF
Eric Sylvester, Annegret Stark, Markus Hoffmann
Finding Elizabeth I in Shakespeare's Richard II PDF
Chelsea Chafin
Sport Education Model and Motivation in University Physical Education Classes PDF
Michael Mellinger, Rachel Cheek
A Simplified AES with Field Characteristic 7 PDF
Suzanne Craig
Genetic Diversity in Totonacan-Speaking Populations from Veracruz and Puebla States of Mexico PDF
Daniel Ross Brooks
Chloride Monitoring at Coldwater Spring PDF
Sophie Mitsuko Kasahara
Examination of pH and the Electric Field in Simultaneous Chromatography and Electrophoresis PDF
Brae Petersen, Paul Powell, Kishor Prasain, Jared Breakall, Bryce Thompson
Authenticity and Use of Time PDF
Jaime Haines
Weaning and Adaptation of SH-SY5Y Cells to Low Glucose Media for Manganese Exposure Studies PDF
Hannah Smerker
Franz Liszt and the Battle Against Tonality PDF
Wesley Ivan Rose
Polarimetric Radar Analysis of the Microphysics of Charge Separation in an MCC Event on June 15, 2013 PDF
Kun-Yuan Lee, Jacquelyn Susanne Ringhausen
Producing Fuel from Carbon Dioxide Using Zinc PDF
Jamie Michelle Stafford
Education and the Changing the Perceptions of Stuttering PDF PDF ()
Tiffani Kittilstved
The Optoelectronic Properties of CVD grown MoS2 Nanowalls PDF
Ankit Sharma, Avinash Nayak, Rudresh Ghosh, Hsiao-Yu Chang
Faeries and Visions: The Use of Medieval Conventions in Romantic Literature PDF
Asha Alexandra Azariah-Kribbs​
Lymphocytes Genetically Engineered to Express Anti-MAGE-A3 Antigens Provoke Anti-Propagating Immune Responses in Malignant Melanoma Patients PDF
Sarah Elizabeth Algino
The Effects of Neuroplasticity on Major Depression Disorder in rTMS Combined with Antidepressant Treatments PDF
Qinpu He
The Evolution of Charles de Gaulle as Leader of la France Libre during World War II (1940–1942) PDF
Claire Mayo
The Level of Volatile Organic Compounds Exposure in New Buildings: Can Adding Indoor Potted Plants Reduce Exposure? PDF
Kelly Vazquez, Lydia Adams
Electrospun fibers of poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene)/(P (NDI2OD-T2)) composites PDF
Clarissa Vazquez
"Fitting into the Story": Western Romance and Blackness in Toni Morrison's "Tar Baby" PDF
Carrie Moore
Development of a Multi-purpose Electrospray-electron Impact Tandem Mass Spectrometer PDF
Cody Hill
Janteloven and Social Conformity in Thorbørn Egner’s Literature PDF
Ellen Ann Ahlness
Doctors and Garbage Men: Unpacking Post-Secondary Students’ Perceptions of Occupational Prestige PDF
Alexandra Shoichet
Exploring College Student Alcohol Consumption Patterns Using Social Network Analysis PDF
Rachel Elizabeth Ronau
I, the Queen: Power and Gender in the Reign of Isabel I of Castile PDF
Sarah Elizabeth Hayes
Legislating Lust: A Comparative Analysis of Prostitution Legal Frameworks in Western and Central Europe PDF
Bethany J Murray
An Evaluation of Performance Appraisals in the U.S. and China and Recommendations for Multinational Businesses PDF
Yi Zhao
How Can Mobile Technology Help Reduce The Incidences of Cyberbullying? PDF
Veronica Angel
Snack Attack: Comical Paintings Exposing Hidden Deceptions of the Modern Food Industry PDF
Allison Fawcett
Computational Fluid Dynamics of the Pediatric Trachea PDF
David Rutkowski
Pan Species Chemical Agent Detector Through Optomechanics of Surface Acoustic Waves PDF
Andrew Oswald
The Election of 1828: A Changing of the U.S. Political Landscape PDF
Victoria Kathleen Patterson
Stereotype Spillover Effects on Women in Mathematics PDF
Laura Elizabeth Jensen
Exploring the American Revolution from Multiple Perspectives through Critical Literacy Discussions in a Fifth-Grade Classroom PDF
Janelle Roberts
"With All Winds Straight Ahead:” The Influence of the World Wars on the Understanding of Friedrich Nietzsche PDF
Grayson Alexander Bodenheimer
Particle-in-cell Simulations of Inverse Compton Scattering PDF
Jamison Edward Thorne
Manzhouguo’s Forgotten Collaborators, 1932-1945 PDF
Jennifer Imber
Characterization and Calibration of Acoustic Radar System and Behavior Testing PDF
Yiming Jia, Abishek Mohan
Parametric Modeling of Electric Vehicle Charging Profiles PDF
Nicole Ng
Systematic Pedagogy to Line Balancing with EXCEL PDF
Thomas Joseph Lovejoy-Henkel
Paleoenvironmental Study of Late Holocene, Organic-Rich Deposits Recovered from Pink Beds, A Southern Appalachian Wetland in Western NC PDF
Michele Kay Carmichael-Coker, Ashley Brittain, Cullen Cogburn, Michael Williams
Steve Biko: The Intellectual Roots of South African Black Consciousness PDF
Alexander Christopher Habibi
“Young she was and yet not so”: The Revival of the Victorian Fairy Story Heroine in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings PDF
Kylie Dennis
Struggle Over Peace The Political Battles of Woodrow Wilson PDF
Sean Lovellette
Hip-Hop and Black Identity: A Meta-Analytic Review Explaining How Modern Hip-Hop Relates to Black Identity and How It Has Created Signs of Complacency in Today’s African-American Youth PDF
Neena Rani Speer
Using PCA With the 2 μm Band Excluded Over Normalization Schemes to Analyze Uncalibratable NIR Spectral Images of Mars PDF
Phillip Chandler
The Use of Natural Orbitals in Predicting Molecular Properties PDF
Evan Jahrman
Optimal allocation of employee resources to meet staffing demands PDF
Eli Towle, Kane Mach
A Preliminary Study of Student Perspectives on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Education PDF
Xueyu Chen
Charge transport in CVD graphene PDF
Marishka Oquendo Mustafa, Gabriel Calderon, Josee Vedrine, Gang Hee, Allen Johnson, Nicholas Pinto
The Great Gatsby, the Green Light, and the Metanarrative of Progress PDF
Matt Higdon
A Question of Impact: Evaluating the Implementation of the Aviation Drug-Trafficking Control Act of 1984 PDF
David Clark
Contribution of the N-terminal Domain of Human Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase to tRNALys Binding PDF
Jacob Calhoun
Parenting Stress Among Biological, Adoptive, Foster, and Guardian Parents of Children with Prenatal and/or Environmental Substance Exposure PDF
Kristina Kochanova
Isomorphic Circulant Graphs and Applications to Homogeneous Linear Systems PDF
Shealyn Tucker
The Emergence of Arthurian Literature in Spain as a Response to Governmental and Societal Changes PDF
Emily Ann Stein
Assessing the Level of Knowledge About Cybercrimes Among Young Adults Within the United Arab Emirates PDF
Sarah Omar Bamatraf
Two-phase Energy System PDF
Eric Joshua Leaman, Jack Ryan Cochran
Convection Initiation Along the Rocky Mountain Front Range PDF
Brian Christopher Matilla, Katja Friedrich
The Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Perceptions of Mental Illness PDF
Caitlin Garstkiewicz
The Male Venus in Art History PDF
Kevin Talmer Whiteneir
Variance of Toxin Producing Clostridium botulinum in Utah Honey PDF
Tamara Fox, Laura Tucker
The Ingredients of Success: A Positivistic Approach to Black Students Graduation and the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse PDF
Christian Wendland
Experimental Progress on Tests of Gravity at 20 microns PDF
Crystal Cardenas, Andrew Conrad Harter, Michael Ross
Evaluation of Double-stranded (ds) RNA from Select Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani by Real-Time PCR PDF
Hannah Cornman, Lauren Comunale, Mary Chey, Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew
Sophomore = Wise Fool? The Examination of Alcohol Consumption Throughout Class Years PDF
Victoria Xidas
Pirate Gold and Sailor Gain: Property and Ownership among Pirates, Privateers, and Sailors during the Golden Age of Piracy PDF
Allyson Ropp
Anselm Kiefer: Master of Destruction or Giver of Hope PDF
Errin Courtney Johnson
Hamlet, Luther, and the Protestant Hero PDF
Matt Higdon
The Other Forgotten Pandemic: Canada and the Spanish Flu in 1920 PDF
Taylor Jackson
Exploring Nonprofit Managers’ Response to Budgetary Constraints During the Great Recession PDF
Clary Sage Lamberton
SCARLESS WOUND HEALING: Increased Collagen Deposition Along Wound Edge in Human Fibroblasts vs. hEScells PDF
Roxanne Piol Bartolome, Tam Thanh Nguyen, Eileen Rosalyn Ing
Projecting self and increasing telepresence by merging identites PDF
Kevin Scott Smith
Was the Reign of Terror totalitarian? Twentieth Century Interpretations of the Reign of Terror PDF
Hannah N Malcolm
Synthesis and Characterization of Neodymium nanoparticles PDF
Maya Muyurina Castro De La Torre, Ryan Fukuda
Characterizing the Surface of Mars In the Near-Infrared PDF
Jessica Caroline Snyder
John Stainer’s Contributions to Sacred Music During the Romantic Era PDF
Marquita Capparuccia Someliana-Lauer
Development of an Experimental Rig to Measure the Transient Response of Crossflow Heat Exchanger PDF
Joseph Russell Heinlen Schaadt
Analysis of Martian Spectral Modeling by Spot-Spectra Normalization PDF
Mark Pultrone
The Differences of Hangover Symptoms in Beer vs. Vodka Drinkers PDF
Maura Daley Fawcett
How Does Song Sequence Duration Vary Between Breeding Stages in the Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)? PDF
Helen L. Wright
Sarah Jayne Kessler
On the Road with Richard Prince: Beat Movement themes in the Art of Richard Prince PDF
Hannah Soltys
The (D)evolution of the Security Council: A Three-Part Case Study on the post-Cold War Use of the Veto PDF
Rebekah Leo, Sarah Terlizzi
Medication Regimen Complexity in Patients with Co-morbid Conditions PDF
Leah R Winner
Emotional and Behavioral Health Characteristics of Adolescents Who Carry Guns to School PDF
Sudip Bhandari
“Human Tongue Cannot Tell”: Dialect, Lyricism, and Anti-Slavery Arguments in William Wells Browns' The Escape, or A Leap for Freedom (1858) PDF
Jillian Fields
The Pauline Project: Christ Universalized PDF
Nicholas Covaleski
Tholins: A Study of Chemistry in Titan's Atmosphere PDF
Walter Para, Donghui Quan
Moral Crossroads of World War I: Examining Shell Shock In Both Literature and News PDF
Caitlin Bean
Gender Differences between Hooking up and Alcohol PDF
Dana Nocera
The Effects of Growth Conditions on Bacterial Inhibition of Water Mold PDF
Mary Elizabeth Blaha, Kori Sye
The Co-hong and the Company: The Emergence of Quasi-Governmental Institutions in Eighteenth Century Canton PDF
Nicholas Christopher Drake
Magnetic Susceptibility of Tree Leaves as a Simple, Cost-Effective Means of Monitoring Air Quality PDF
Ryan D. Heaslet, Lucas Lloyd
More Money, More Problems? PDF
Samantha Aw, Louise Gappa, Megan Morris
Experimental and Computational Investigation of CH3CHFCH2Cl and CF3CHFCH2Cl: An Examination of the Effect of an Electron-donating and an Electron-Withdrawing Group on the F-Cl Interchange Unimolecular Reaction PDF
Corey McClintock
The Effect of Anxiety on Self-Disclosure of Alcohol Use PDF
Jacob Levine
Decision-Making and the Creation of Countercultural Organizational Power Structures PDF
Daniel Macon Chick
Zionism, 1862-1897: Foundations of a Movement PDF
Tyler Weisman
Positional Weighted Voting and Linear Algebra PDF
Kent Vashaw
Investigations into the US-Canadian Price Gap PDF
Dori Lee Wilson
Synthesis of 7-Alkoxy-4-trifluoromethylcoumarins via the Pechmann Condensation Reaction Using Catalytic Iodine PDF
Jami DeGrote
Patterns of Disordered Eating and Body Perception Among the Dietetics Student Social Network PDF
Teresa Rose Schwendler
The Advent of the Masculinized Woman in Romantic Literature PDF
Alysha Allen
Interpreting Audible Intervals into Visual Learning Tools for Cognitive Brain Training and Musical Advancement PDF
Caitlin Cowen
The Dance Dilemma: An Analysis of the Implications of Dance on Soft Power During the Cold War PDF
Anjali Mehta
A Comparative Analysis of the Relationship Shared by Sleep Disorders and Type 2 Diabetes PDF
Jess Mae Copeland
A Deconstructive Reading of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea PDF
Nathaniel Smith
Implementation of a Ten-Tone Equal Temperament System Chromatic 12-Tone Scale The Decitone Chromatic Scale A Mary Had a Little Lamb Decitone PDF
Andrew Gula
More Than a Pretty Picture: The Function of Art in the Plague Years PDF
Shellie Marie Clark
Reality versus virtual experience of war: Lecture recital of the opera War Without End PDF
Jason Thomas Hoffmann
Organized Atheism Creating Community PDF
Jess Landgraf
Overcoming Communication Apprehension in Pharmacy Students PDF
Dale Dong
The Value of Ecosystem Services in the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Forestland PDF
Michelle Messick Gilmore
The Transformation and Conjugation of Ampicillin-Resistant Escherichia coli PDF
William J Gannon, Nicholas G Stapleton
Assessing the Impact of Social Media on the Risky Sexual Behaviors of College Students PDF
Courtney Monique Bryant, Montelee' Chavious, John C. Heath, Vivian L. Carter
Students versus Counselors: An investigation of prominent stressors and outreach programming from the perspective of Scottish undergraduates and university counselors PDF
Meghan Leigh Pickett
Study of the Effects of Chemical Etchants on the Quality of Silver Nanowires Cultivated on Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate PDF
Jade Cyan Snow
Closer Monitoring of Wind Power Generation Could Better Optimize the Charging of Electric Vehicles PDF
Patrick Rock Berg
A Diachronic Analysis of Schwa in French PDF
Joshua M. Griffiths
Gender Crash: A Semiotic Analysis of Masculine Sexuality in Grant Wood's Death on the Ridge Road PDF
Mark Lisowski
Winning a War of Ideals: The Neglected Use of Artistic Expression in Cultural Diplomacy PDF
Tess Duncan
Characterizing Water-Related Land Uses Across Urban River Reaches PDF
Dusty Pilkington
Embryonic Mesoderm Progenitor Cells Exhibit VEGF Induced Differentiation and In Vitro Vasculogenesis PDF
Rachel deVries, Jessica Ramirez
Do Music and Science Students Have the Same Learning Styles? PDF
Mark Ivey, Nicole Lee
An Immunotherapy Against Cancer Using Viral RNA PDF
Ellen Lorraine Dore
China's Housing Market: A Reflection of Domestic Investment Challenges PDF
Hannah Luddy Randolph
Hispanic Children: Pioneers For Cultural Change PDF
Cecilia Yanez
Marxism and Feminism: False Friends or Subtle Bedfellows? PDF
Meredith A. Scalos
“The homely Nurse doth all she can”: Gender and Personification in Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood PDF
Rebekkah Frisch McKalsen
Testing Multiple PCA Techniques with Median Normalization to Analyze NIR Spectral Images of the Martian Surface PDF
Dominic Payne
Bullying: Different Types of Defending Behaviors and Social Skills PDF
Erin K Tomasino, Chloe M Suchy
Spectroscopic Determination of White Dwarf Candidates for the Dark Energy Survey PDF
Mees Bernard Fix
Loss of methionine sulfoxide reductase B leads to higher failure rates in Drosophila melanogaster after hyperthermic stress PDF
Syed Raza, James Martin, Lindsay Bruce, David Binninger
Semantic Similarity of Documents Using Latent Semantic Analysis PDF
Chelsea Boling, Kumer Das
“Devils in the Wilderness”: The Character of Wilderness in American Horror Fiction PDF
Cole William Nelson
Citrate Content of Bone: A Potential Measure of Postmortem Interval PDF
Charles Froome
Electrochemical Measurement of Toxic Metal Contaminants in the Waters of the Golden Triangle Area PDF
Progga Chirontoni, Andrew Gomes, Kumer Das, Tanusree Sarker, Abdulsalam AbdulKadir
Youth Leadership and Empowerment in the Music Classroom: Models of Student Leadership in Acosta, Costa Rica; Mountain View, California; and Queens, New York. PDF
Johanna Smith Nilsson
Increase of Ionizing Radiation at the Pfotzer Maximum over the Southern Appalachians PDF
Michele Kay Carmichael-Coker
Chemistry and Education: Instructional and Assessment Strategies to Improve Knowledge Retention PDF
Breche' Wells
Building a Straw Detector for the Muon g-2 Experiment PDF
Octavio Escalante-Aguirre
A Study of Undergraduate Understanding of Sampling Variability and Regression PDF
Lauren Michelle Magee
Analysis of Optical Properties and Image Patterns Due to Twinning in Calcite Crystals PDF
Vincent Caminiti
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Silver Foams PDF
Dana Hess
Can Women’s and Men’s Health Magazines be Judged by Their Covers? Differences in Magazine Models and Headline Frames PDF
Kelly Miller
Evansville as a Breeding Ground for Female Reform PDF
Brianna McLaughlin
Left Behind: The Impact of Parental Migration on Salvadoran and Mexican Children PDF
Isabel Cristina Duarte Vasquez