Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Structural Deflection: A 3D Imaging Approach

Eric Rogers


Ongoing monitoring of structures for safety and level of service is becoming an important topic due to public concern of the state of infrastructure, particularly in the United States. Photogrammetry is capable of measuring deflections of structures, which can be used to assess the usability of the structure. The overarching goal of this research is to test the feasibility of applying photogrammetry for structural quality control, assurance, and analysis in the fields of civil, construction, and mechanical engineering. Variables in this research include number of features marked, number of known lengths in the scene, and distance between the camera stations and the object targeted for measurement. Two experiments, one in the lab and one in a field environment, were conducted. The results of these experiments verify the accuracy of the photogrammetry method proposed, which is arguably one of the most attractive options among other techniques.


Photogrammetry; deflection measurement techniques; 3-D modeling

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