The Pauline Project: Christ Universalized

Nicholas Covaleski


The New Testament, of course, is a compilation of multiple authors, the most prolific being the Apostle Paul: his epistles make up almost half of the books in the New Testament, far more than any other author. The central components of Evangelical Christianity––universalism, salvation through love, justification by faith––are primarily identified with Jesus Christ. But this belief seems to be misguided. Paul departs from the conservative Jewish metaphysics that Jesus himself endorsed and inaugurates a universal ministry, one that is radically different from that of Jesus and the Twelve Disciples. This same ministry is what serves as the foundation for contemporary Evangelic Christianity today, and has been doing so for the past two thousand years. Paul universalizes Christ; by doing so, Paul­­––not Jesus––has had the greatest religious influence on the Western world, whether we know it or not.


St. Paul; Christian Origins; Universalism

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