Bullying: Different Types of Defending Behaviors and Social Skills

Erin K Tomasino, Chloe M Suchy


This study explored the frequency of different types of defending behaviors (i.e., Confronting, Helping, and Reporting) and social skills (i.e., Cooperation, Assertion, Empathy, and Self-Control)in both late elementary students and middle school students. Social skills nd how they related to the different types of defending behavior were also examined. The sample consisted of 1574 students from four different schools (49.7% Male, 49.9% female).  Results indicate significant differences in each type of defending (Confronting, Helping and Reporting,) when comparing late elementary students to middle school students.  Future research should seek out additional information regarding inter-and intra-personal characteristics in order to be able to predict bullying role behaviors.


Bullying; Defending; Social Skills;Bystanders

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