Google Service: The Bridge Between Expectations and Satisfaction

Michelle Ammirati, Jennifer Barish, Michela Ann Moe, Jennifer Segal, James Walsh



Customer service is a central component to all organizations. When a consumer has a positive service interaction they develop a favorable view of the company, loyalty toward the brand, and become a repeat customer. Although there are numerous media that provide customer service, organizations are struggling to meet customer service expectations in the digital age. The media that are delivering customer service to consumers are constantly changing. With this knowledge, we felt we could make an impact on this critical issue by customizing the medium to the consumers’ preferences and expectations during customer service interactions.

Through the process of design inquiry, which includes the integration of research and design, we started to analyze secondary sources from academic, business, and management journals. Our team consulted with Marketing and Computer Science professors at Ithaca College, a journalist from a top-tier technology publication, a social media professional at a global advertising agency, and an international scholar on customer service. We also conducted a survey with Ithaca College students and found that our surveyed consumers still prefer traditional methods of customer service, including telephone and face-to-face communication.

We discovered that customers expect the same experience online as they would receive in person. Customers also expect timely and customized service due to the development of an instant gratification perspective. However, organizations are struggling to accommodate rising consumer expectations in a way that is cost-effective.

In the design phase of our inquiry we explored numerous prototypes and alternative design ideas. Our final design proposal is a new model for online customer service that uses the power of the world’s most reliable search engine. Our theoretical product, Google Service, would integrate Google’s existing search capabilities with a new customer service-oriented platform. Google Service is a comprehensive tool that combines multiple service platforms, acting as an intermediary between the customer and the organization to provide quick, personalized, and holistic customer service experiences.


Design Inquiry, Customer Service, Google, Customer Centricity, Customer Support, Customization, Personalization, Crowd Service,

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