Electrochemical Measurement of Toxic Metal Contaminants in the Waters of the Golden Triangle Area

Progga Chirontoni, Andrew Gomes, Kumer Das, Tanusree Sarker, Abdulsalam AbdulKadir


While there are metals that are essential for our body, there are also metals that are harmful to our bio-system. Toxic metals such as lead, copper, cadmium, arsenic and mercury are emitted to the environment in numerous ways. This study is designed to collect and analyze water samples from natural, industrial, and residential sources in the Golden triangle area and assess the level of accumulation of heavy metals. The name of the process that we used is called “Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV)”, where the working electrode is plated, conditioned and then placed in the water sample. The dissolved heavy metals then deposit around the electrode. A “Trace Detect nano-band Explorer-II” was used to measure the current needed to deposit each metal separately and it showed us the peak height of the current. Some tap water samples from houses in Beaumont were tested. Samples from 29 different locations in the Golden Triangle area were also collected, and anodic stripping voltammetry was used for each of the samples to measure the concentration of the heavy metals in them. We also used Peak-Fit program to estimate the concentrations of the metals that are in the sub-ppb levels.


Toxic metals, Neches River, tap water, anodic stripping voltammetry

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