Characterization and Calibration of Acoustic Radar System and Behavior Testing

Yiming Jia, Abishek Mohan


Bats are well known for their extraordinary abilities to use and exploit echolocation for both collision free guidance and selection and acquisition of food sources. Less well known are the abilities of blind human echolocation experts who are able to detect and discriminate a vast range of objects. The ultimate purpose of this series of research is to have a better understanding of how the echolocation process is done and extract it to have a direct application in radar and sonar system. A research had already finished building an acoustic radar system to simulate the echolocation process; however, the system was not able to do it yet due to some inside problems. The main purpose of this research is to develop the current acoustic radar system and test its behavior to evaluate it whether the system prepared well for further research based on the ultimate goal. A stable, reliable and well calibrated system is a fundamental to all research related to acoustic radar. This research contains two parts, calibration and characterization of system and test radar system behavior. Firstly, the acoustic radar system needs to be characterized and calibrated to be capable of mimicking signals. Subsequently, a series of tests would be conducted to evaluate whether there is need for a further calibration. The series of tests include noise power test, range test, pulse width test and maximum unambiguous test. Noise power test is the most fundamental test for system noise which needed to be conducted firstly. The function of acoustic radar is to detect the range between radar and system, thus range test is necessary. Because the range is calculated by transmitting acoustic pulse from radar, pulse width is an important parameter need to be tested. The last test is to prove this theory. It could tell whether the radar system working correctly by proving this theory.


Acoustic, Radar, Test

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