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Case Study: The Effects of Cervical Bony Abnormalities on Recurrent Brachial Plexus Stingers in a Collegiate Division I Football Player PDF
Kristen Bartiss
Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone . . . Unless There is No Bread: An Analysis of Dickens Characters Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs PDF
Amylee Caffee
"Impacts of Leisure Activity Noise Levels, Revised (A Case Study)" PDF
Claire Campbell Drummond
Extreme rainfall in a changing climate: New analysis and estimation considerations for infrastructure design PDF
Michael Dandy
Japanese Internment Camps: Inequality in the Land of Equality PDF
Taylor Shiro
Binge Drinking and the Transtheoretical Model Among College Students PDF
Mathew Giffin
Of The Superpowers’ Making: How the Tripolarity of the International System Primed Cambodia for Genocide, 1953-1979 PDF
Ronald Leonhardt
The Development and Initial Testing of the Jacksonville Attitudes toward Research Survey PDF
Daniel Jeremy Murff, William Brian Lane
Effects of Direct and Dietary Exposure to Silver Nanoparticles on a Tritrophic System PDF
Melanie Perello
Upskirting the Past: Cross-Dressing Divas and Their Impact on LGBTQ Rights PDF
Trevor Rand Nelson
Agents are Forever: Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Pertaining to the Western Front, North Sea, and Britain During the First World War PDF
Thomas Williams
Dual Input Logic A.N.D. Device Fabricated Using an n-doped Semiconductor: Effects of UV Light on Charge Mobility PDF
Alexander Rosado
Architecture in Havana, Cuba and San Juan, Puerto Rico: Comparison of United States Impact Pre- and Post- 1959 PDF
Katherine Anderson
Short-Range Tests of Gravitational Physics PDF
Holly Leopardi, David Smith
Marital Status as a Predictor of Dental Service Utilization PDF
Brandon McDonald
Genetic Modification in U.S. Foods Labeled "All-Natural" PDF
Nicole Cortelezzi, Marshall Lyons
Christopher Robert June
The Truth About Sorority and Non-Sorority Drinking: Who Drinks More? PDF
Dana Nocera, Dr. Rose Marie Ward
A Smartphone Application for a Portable Fall Detection System PDF
Andrew Boehner
Design of a Scaled-Up Experiment to Study an Impinging Synthetic Jet PDF
Isaac Rose
Identifying Contrasting Pore Size Distributions within the Concentric Layers of Soil Aggregates Subjected to Different Management Practices PDF
Nathan Joseph Vengalil
The Principles of ’98: How the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions Impacted States’ Rights and Nullification in the Early Republic PDF
Patrick Becknell
Cultural Factors Exacerbating the Tragedy of Maternal Health in Zambia PDF
Courtney Schmidt
Employing functional genomics to study chlorophyll biosynthesis in the green micro alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii PDF
Tashana Haye
Light Curve Analysis of Transiting Exoplanets PDF
Michael Zeilnhofer
Traveling on the O.R Express: An Excursion in Commuter Rail Design PDF
Bryan Matthew McComb
Folate-Functionalized Nanoparticles for Targeted Anti-Chlamydial Drug Delivery PDF
Tayson Lin
Politics in the United States and the TVPA of 2000 PDF
Lakshmi Ravindra
Rushing to the bars: An examination of BAL and drinking motives between Greek and non-Greek college students PDF
Stephanie Babiarz
Using Maple to Visualize Atomic Orbitals PDF PDF ()
Brianna Stewart, Derrick J. Hylton, Natarajan Ravi
Relations Between Youth Soccer Participants' Motivation to Play and Parental Involvement in Sport PDF
Miranda Benjamin, Ashley White
Three-dimensional Modeling of the Pediatric Airway PDF
Courtney Kodweis
Thermostability Determination of Broad Spectrum Antibiotics at High Temperatures by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry PDF ()
Heidi Ann Frynkewicz, Hannah Feezle, Melinda Richardson
Using Stereo Photogrammetry to Create Digital Elevation Models of Planetary Surfaces PDF
Greta Cukrov
The Future of United States - Chinese Space Relations PDF
Sanford Healey
Preparation and Characterization of 15N-labeled Desulfovibrio vulgaris Flavodoxin in the Presence of Macromolecular Crowding Agents Using 2D 1H-15N NMR Spectroscopy PDF ()
Ana Galesic
New and Changing Performance Contexts for the Dominican Fiesta de Palos PDF
Victor Hernandez-Sang
The Impact of Psychological Factors on Seeking Health Information Online PDF
Dale Dong
A Rose by Any Other: Reflowering First Names in Jane Austen’s Literature PDF
Amanda Marie Biederman
How the Spanish Colonization Model Nearly Destroyed Early Jamestown: Misguided Views about American Indians PDF
Jennifer Lin
Cahlen Charles Humphreys
Discourse in the Face of Agency: The Orientalist Problematic and Beyond PDF
Cory Tomascoff
Mapping Local Effects of Globalization in China: 21st-Century Migration Flows from Southeast Asia to Yunnan Province PDF
Julia Tse
The Effects of Romantic Comedies on Women and Female Adolescents PDF
Cassady Green
Structures of Interest of Interval 3-graphs PDF
Joshua Matthew Reinoehl, Dr. Shilpa Dasgupta
Invisible Injuries PDF
Ashley Hinceman
Cracking the Code: Using L1 Skills to Unlock Non-Literal Language in the L2 PDF
Anastasia Psaras
Evaluating The Alternative Uses Test of Creativity PDF
Caitlin Dippo, Barry Kudrowitz
An Invisible Theorist: Revitalizing the Philosophy of Adam Smith PDF
Anthony Joseph Cooper
"Do I know you? - Ask Google". The single sign-on revolution PDF
Hien Thu Trinh
Ebtisam Mahmoud Thoban
Age-related Changes in GDNF Content of Skeletal Muscle PDF
Stephanie Elise Jerger
Wide Are Measurement System Utilizing Open Source Tools PDF
Ethan Miller, Colin Chapman, Phaelan Guan, Tyler Leroy, Dan Park
Who Are the “Middle Class?” A quantitative analysis of central Wisconsin socioeconomic self-report data PDF
Devin Christensen
Development of a Graphene Field Effect Transistor for GHz/THz Sensing PDF
Alec Nicol
Automatic Assembly and Morphological Characteristics of a Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) and N, N-Dimethylformamide Compound “Root-Like” Fiber Structure PDF
Gerardo Gonzalez, Paola Vazquez
Electrospinning of nanofibers solutions with PVDF, DMF, acetone and Fe3O4 nanoparticles PDF
Raymond John Lopez-Hallman
Sustainable End-of-Life Arrangements: An Overview PDF
Jennifer Louise Carubia
Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Uterine Wall Contractions in Virgin Female Long Evans Rats PDF
Kyle Thomas Gibbens
The Memoirist and Her Reader: Dialogic Disclosure and Camaraderie PDF
Carrie Busby
Drinking Your Way to Success? Discovering the Correlation Between Academic Major and Drunkorexic Tendencies PDF
Denise Ellene Buenger
A Systematic Pedagogy to Increase Goals to Shots on Goal for Soccer Athletes, Experimental Design PDF
Ferriss Roberts
Investigating the Relationship Between Spiritual and Artisanal Practices in Etruria: The Case of Cetamura del Chianti PDF
Courtney Noel Miller
Design of Reconfigurable Joints for the Advance Robotic Systems PDF
Prabath S.W Wijesekara Arachchige
The Cost of Supremacy: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Social and Cultural Effects that are Crippling the People's Republic of China Using the Cultural Selection Theory PDF
Olivia Ford
Re-Analyzing a Meta-Analysis: Another Look at Choice Overload PDF PDF ()
Gabriel Ezekiel Gonzales
To Live While Dying: Quality Palliative Care PDF PDF ()
Nalynn Holland
Leveraging Crowdsourcing and Human Computation to Enhance Student Learning PDF
Siu Lung Yuen, Derek Riley
Determination of Capsaicinoids in Hot Sauces: A Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Experiment for the Undergraduate Laboratory PDF
Jon Marcson, Mary E Divins
Exploring the Role of Religion and Spirituality in End-of-Life Treatment PDF
Stephanie Kendall Tsang
High School Students' Perception of Nursing PDF
Alexa Potts, Alyssa Gaulrapp
Sing of the Land: Māori Women in Performance PDF
Sarah Kroth
Assessing the Hydrology of Indianapolis Rain Gardens PDF
Drew Scott
A Dynamic Computational Study of the Role of Ion Channels in a Neuron PDF
Eric John Hall
Atmospheric Stratification of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) and Capture of Electromagnetic Phenomena in the Southern Appalachian Region. PDF
Michele Kay Coker
Influence of a magnetic field in the electrospinning of nanofibers containing Fe3O4 nanoparticles PDF
Paul Anthony Valle-Rivera
Creation of Patient-Specific Bone Densitometry Models from 3D Imaging Data PDF
Laura Biersteker
High-Frequency Ultrasound of Breast Tissue Phantoms Containing Microscopic Heterogeneities PDF
Joseph Edward Roring
Co-evolving Watershed Education and Programmable Media Concepts in Middle-School Classrooms: An Implementation of the Creative Thinking Spiral PDF
Regina Katherine Smith
Riding with Death: Basquiat’s Re-Possession of Aristotle PDF
Rachel Smith
Emily la Bonte
Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Human Red Blood Cells with Different Hemoglobin Types PDF
Elaura Aguilar, Rance Solomon, James Cooper, Gabriel Welker, Chelsey Pennycuf, David Scott, Brooke Flanaagan
Following Sweden’s Success: Promoting Intercultural Citizenship in the United States PDF
Karen Cano
Do Focus Groups Give Insight into Understanding the Alcohol Use Behavior of College Athletes or Not? PDF
Sarah Alulis, Diana Linn
Understanding Nursing through a Theoretical Model: Complexity, Synergy, and General Systems PDF
Joseph Burroughs
Examining the Relationship Between Greek Life Membership and Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences PDF
Alison Virginia Silkworth
Exercise Adherence in Older Adults PDF
Katie Wocken
The Joy of Piracy: Ned Buntline, Mark Twain, And The Black Avenger Of The Spanish Main PDF
Daniel James Gorman Jr.
Modeling of Beta Lyrae: An Exploration of Conditions Resulting in Stellar Jet Formation PDF
Jessica Hurlbut
Study of Spherical Hydrogel Swelling Kinetics and Stress-Strain Relationships PDF
Avi Chaim Mersky, Mesut Pervizpour
Christine Ladd-Franklin: A Leader for Women's Education PDF
Katherine Zoroufy, Carly Shinners
The Acute Effects of Physical Activity on Work-Family Conflict PDF
Melanie Kulesz
Triclosan Effects on Zebrafish Heart Rate PDF
Patricia Braun, Shannon Schmidt, Mycaela Crouse, Annette Dean, Ellen DuPre, Nicole Palenske
Perceived Control Over Traumatic Events: A Study Across Events PDF
Jacqueline Suresh Caston, Patricia Frazier
Determination of Flavobacterium columnare Virulence Factors in Zebra Fish PDF
Rachel Ann Conrad
Naegleria fowleri in Spirit Lake, Mount Saint Helens: Supporting Case For The Flagellate-Empty Habitat Hypothesis PDF
Heather Mechelle Frady
Modeling the Human Brain’s Major Structures and White Matter Connectivity Using Magnetic Resonance and Diffusion Tensor Imaging PDF
Tyler Jacob Capek
Influence of Folic Acid on Chick Neural Connectivity PDF
Alexandra DeWitt
Effects of Manganese on Monoamine Neurotransmitter Metabolism and Dopaminergic Cell Viability PDF
Michael Groesch, Nicholas Amata
Minimizing the Hodgkin-Huxley Model PDF
Qurat-ul-Ann Mirza
Drink Beer for Cheer, Whiskey to get Frisky PDF
Charles Greener
Detecting the Genetic Signatures of Breast Cancer with High-Frequency Ultrasound PDF
Janeese Elizabeth Stiles
A System Analysis of the Monitoring, Scheduling & Reporting Process for Public Water System Compliance PDF
Jacob Rusconi, Dylan Ross
The Role of Histone Phosphorylation in Chromosome Condensation PDF
Erica Vander Mause
Friendships Make the Heart Grow Stronger: Does Social Support Help the Heart Cope Better In the Trier Social Stress Test Paradigm. PDF
Annaliese Lamb, Philip Dwerryhouse
Orsell Cook Brown: A Personal Lens into the Forty-Fourth Volunteer Infantry of New York PDF
Cassandra Jane Werking
Methods for identifying aerosols by light scattering techniques PDF
Laurel A. Thompson
Human Trafficking in Moldova: Rural Residents vs Urban Residents PDF
Ludmila Bogdan
Sesame Street: Your Childhood Neighborhood Localized Throughout Europe
Jarrod William Walczer
The Clothed, the Naked, and the Exposed: Subconscious Sexuality in 20th Century Surrealism PDF
Stephanie Lianne Rhyner
Do College Students Really Know How Much They Drink? Examining Thursday Drinking, BAL, and Reported Number of Drinks Consumed PDF
Marissa Nocera
The Jungian Psychology of Cool: Ryan Gosling and the Repurposing of Midcentury Male Rebels PDF
Garret Hall
Changes in the Optical Properties of Lake Michigan by the Invasive Species Dressina bugensis (Quagga Mussel) PDF
Sara Schaal, Yang Xie, Timothy Zeidler, Francis Yankey
Phosphorylation Levels of the Inner-Dynein Arm Subunit, IC138, are altered in Response to a High Calcium Treatment PDF
Todd A Jackson Jr.
Students Estimating Their Own BAL Under the Influence PDF
Lauren Powers
Flowing Through Time: A Brief History of Water Distribution Systems and their Influence on Development PDF
Susan Limberg
What Factors Cause Jobless Recoveries in Minnesota? PDF
Sungkook Lee
Poverty, Neglect, and Client Involvement in the Child Welfare System: A qualitative research report PDF
Emily Perdue
The Mineralogical and Chemical Analyses of Antarctic Dry Valley Sediments as Potential Analogs for Mars PDF
Shital Patel
Beyond the Pillow Talk: How Gender, Media and Politics Shape the Role and Legacy of First Ladies, 1961-2012 PDF
Elizabeth Anne Stoltz
Determining Range of Motion of StrongArm Transfer Technology PDF
Linn Zhang
Use of Surface Acoustic Waves in Whispering Gallery Resonators for a Pan-Species Chemical Detector PDF
David Covell, Matthew Letarte
Patterns of Drinking among College Students by College Major PDF
Amanda Smith
Constructing a Relaxation Calorimeter PDF
Hank A. Anderson
Applying Eco-MachineTM Technology to Local Wastewater Treatment Plant PDF
Sarah Hardy
English Loan Words in Mandarin Chinese: Phonology vs. Semantics PDF
Lani Nelson
Elucidating a Specific Minimal Concentration of Taurine Chloramine that Inhibits Growth of Skin Commensal Staphylococcus epidermidis PDF
Emilio R Vasquez
Camels, Sand, and Pyramids: Struggles with Tourism in the Golden Land of the Pharaohs PDF
Julia Ashton
Factors Influencing College Attendance in Adopted Children PDF
Jennifer Carpenter
Lincoln and the Road to Emancipation PDF
William Clift
Decidability of Cup Problems and Computation of Solutions PDF
Xu Zhao
Wittig Reaction In An Aqueous Medium PDF
Riya Patel
Mood-Congruent Recall in Autobiographically Induced Emotional States PDF
Sean P. Brady, Nicholas W. Baumgartner, Samantha R. Eby, Daniel R. VanHorn
Probing Molecules Involved in Calcium-Regulated Membrane Fusion PDF
LaKesha Seals, Claudia Nkeih, Nathan Bernhardt, Christiana Hayden, Chase Wright
A risky cocktail: An examination of Drunkorexia behaviors and alcohol consumption based on gender PDF
Abby Dierks
Gender Differences in Alcohol-Related Negative Consequences PDF
Rachel Elizabeth Ronau
Is She a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?: A Social History of Waterhouse's Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus PDF
Kevin Talmer Whiteneir
Moneyball on Broadway: A Statistical and Economic Exploration of How to Succeed on Broadway without Really Trying PDF
Sam Gates
Managers vs. Employees: The Differing Effects of Communication Strength and Supervisor Support on Work Engagement PDF
Meghan Foley, Katryna McCann
Statistical Count of Invertebrata from Ordovician West Spring Creek Formation, Arbuckle Group, Kiowa County, OK PDF
Zella Classen
On the determination of photo-actuation effects for a polymer/MWCNT composite fiber based cantilever PDF
Aixa de Jesús-Espinosa
Investigating Health Information and Seeking and Internet Access Among Parents PDF
Jordan Jobs
"The Real Father of Modern Music:" Death and the Diabolical in the Music of Franz Liszt PDF
Wesley Rose
The Psychological Factors that Affect Makeup Usage and the Perception of Makeup in Different Situations PDF
Devina Narang
A Plan for Conversion of Stormwater to Groundwater Recharge on the Utah Valley University Main Campus, Orem, Utah PDF
Dylan Dastrup, Gabriela Ferreira, Daniel Zacharial, Daniel Natter, Lawrence Kellum, Brandon Davis, Michael Alexander, Jeff Selck
Sanctuarium Naturalis: A Nexus of Science and Religion PDF
Mary Claire Becker