A System Analysis of the Monitoring, Scheduling & Reporting Process for Public Water System Compliance

Jacob Rusconi, Dylan Ross


The goal of this research is to provide a systems analysis of a Public Water Monitoring Laboratory in the Northeast for the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement in its procedures. The laboratory is considered as a socio-technical system in which the technical aspects of its operations are interdependent with cultural and political features. To capture the many dimensions of the problem we applied a systemic approach, the Work System Method (WSM) developed a few years ago by Steven Alter. It is a design science socio-technical methodology which allowed us to formulate the problem, analyze possibilities for improvement and provide recommendations for changes and justify them. As a result of our findings we were able to produce recommendations on how to create preconditions for a better system performance and eliminate possibilities for monitoring and reporting violations. These were reported to the management of the laboratory.


Systems Analysis; Water quality testing; Work System Method

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