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Proceedings A Betrayal of Self: Sylvia’s Journey in “A White Heron” Abstract   PDF
Cheryl Lauersdorf Dabney
Proceedings A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Private, Public and Home Schooling on African American Females and Males and their Racial Counterparts Abstract   PDF
Shonte' Parrish
Proceedings A Comparative Study of Youth and Parent/Guardian Perceptions of Risk Factors that Lead to Adolescent Delinquency Abstract   PDF
Todd Spencer
Proceedings A Critique of Ernst Nolte: Nazism as a Transcendental Metapolitical Phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Emily Stewart Long
Proceedings A House Divided: Women’s Activism in the Minnesota Labor Movement, 1900-1935 Abstract   PDF
Ryan M. Tate
Proceedings A Link to the Past: An Examination of J.S. Bach and György Kurtág’s compositions using the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence Abstract   PDF
Jeff Laser
Proceedings A Mathematical Approach to Characterize the Transmission Dynamics of the Varicella-Zoster Virus Abstract   PDF
Maria Gommel, Sam Jaros, Donglun Liu
Proceedings A Qualitative Analysis of Child Trafficking in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Using the Capitalist Theory Abstract   PDF
Shanelly Pena
Proceedings A Qualitative Analysis of the Rise of Gangs and Youth Genocide, with a Focus on New York City, Using the Social Learning and Social Contract Theories Abstract   PDF
Kandice Purdy
Proceedings Alterations in Heart Rate Physiology of the Blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus) after Treatment with Extracts from Various Hosta varieties. Abstract   PDF
Javier A. Rivera, Sherri Myers
Proceedings An Algebraic Approach to Building Category Parse Trees for Web Tables Abstract   PDF
Dongpu Jin
Proceedings An Analysis of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Voting Patterns on the Free Exercise Clause of Religion Abstract   PDF
Carlin M. Bunting
Proceedings An Implementation of a Graphical Interface for Molecular Simulation Software using Python and Qt4 Abstract   PDF
Mirgery Medina Cuadrado, Carlos Cortés Martínez, Melissa López Serrano, Frances Martínez Miranda, Radamés Vega Alfaro
Proceedings An Open Road to Delinquency: An Analysis of the Special Education System in American Public Schools Employing Conflict Theory Abstract   PDF
Brittany M. Williams
Proceedings An Outcome Evaluation of the South Dakota Daycare Assistance Program Abstract   PDF
Abigail L Gansen
Proceedings Analysis and Simulation of Bacterial Contamination on an Urban Beach at Lake Michigan Abstract   PDF
Anne Bruckner, Jared Catenacci, Morgan Schroeder
Proceedings Analysis of the Microstructure and Hardness of a Direct Digital Manufactured Metal Used for an Acetabular Cup Implant Abstract   PDF
Mary Roath
Proceedings Analyzing the Surface Finish of Knee Implants to Determine Criteria for Applications in Direct Metal Laser Sintering Abstract   PDF
Nora M Huang
Proceedings Anamorphic Art with a Tilted Cylinder Abstract   PDF
Erika Gerhold, Angela Rose
Proceedings Animals and Humans in the Eyes of the Law Abstract   PDF
Ezra Neal
Proceedings Are Weighted or Unweighted High School Grade Point Averages Better Indicators of College Success? Abstract   PDF
Chanel Nagaishi, Michael K. Slade
Proceedings Black Latinos/Latinas: A Qualitative Analysis of the Overlooked Dichotomy Using the Cultural Selection and National Identity Theories Abstract   PDF
Kayla Mosquera
Proceedings Breeding a Better Strawberry Fruit by Selecting Superior Germplasm via Assaying Anthocyanin Pigment Composition Abstract   PDF
Jenny Jing
Proceedings Capitalism in Disguise: A Critical Investigation of the Recent Influx of Fast Food Chains in Trinidad and Tobago and Its Socioeconomic Effects Abstract   PDF
Luanne Edwards
Proceedings Castles, Confusion, and the Count: Vlad the Impaler’s Impact on Tourism in Romania Abstract   PDF
Rachel Lawrence
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