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2011 A Comparative Analysis: The Pioneer HBCU vs. the Modern HBCU Abstract
Jasmyn L. Turner
2011 A Cultural Relative Analysis of Black Women and Marriage Abstract
Brittany M. Hamner
2011 A Developmental Study of Dietary Phytoestrogen Exposure During the Perinatal Period:Effects on Ultrasonic Vocalizations and Open Field Behavior Abstract
Rebecca R. Totten, Bethany J. Sanstrum, Kandace E. Leehans
2011 A Dialectical Approach to Rhetorical Theory: An Analysis of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Abstract
Mya Aaten-White
2011 A GIS-Based Habitat Restoration and Preservation Prioritization Tool Geospatially Integrating Hydrological, Ecological, Pollution, Economic, Social and Cultural Considerations Abstract
Brian C. Peacock
2011 A Qualitative Analysis of the Deracialization of the African American Candidate: A Critical Race Theory Perspective Abstract
Chaniqua D. Nelson
2011 A Qualitative Analysis of the Efficacious Benefits of Affordable Housing on Individuals and Society Abstract
Jeremiah Battle III
2011 A Qualitative Analysis of the History of the N-word and How It Is Used as a Term of Endearment Abstract
Amanda Kenny
2011 A Triangulative Analysis of the Effects of the World Wide Recession and the Negligence of the American Public Using the Capitalist Theory Abstract
Adam Xavier Salters
2011 A Triangulative Analysis of the Effects of the World Wide Recession and the Negligence of the American Public Using the Capitalist Theory Abstract
Adam Xavier Salters
2011 Against the Evolution of Cheese; Place, History and Marketplace, a Case Study of AOC Designation in Etivaz, Switzerland Abstract
Emily C. Ritchie
2011 An Exploration of the Academic Achievement Gap between African American Students and their Caucasian Counterparts: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Utilizing Pedagogy and Conflict Perspectives Abstract
Christine J. Thomas
2011 An Investigation of the Los Angeles Summer Food Service Program and its Influence on the Dietary Habits of Children Abstract
Michael Fox
2011 Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Predict Future Executive Functioning Decline Abstract
Andrea Judd
2011 Appropriateness and Effectiveness of Spanking: A Study of Child Misbehavior and Child-Adult Relationship Abstract
Tara Poncelet, Anna Lukes
2011 Assessing Soil Bacterial Diversity in Southwestern Pennsylvania Abstract
Ian Kohler, Peter Leehan, Kyle Yebernetsky
2011 Attitude is Everything: Extending Models of Fish Kinematics to Maneuvers Abstract
Heidi Verheggen, Liusha Geng
2011 Black Colonialism and the Dehumanizing Effects of Slavery on Americo- Liberians in Liberia: A Qualitative Analysis Using the Social Learning Theory Abstract
Monique C. Morgan
2011 Bridging the Gap in America: An Analysis of the Social Learning Theory and Its Effect on the Achievement Gap Abstract
Melody D. Godbolt
2011 Cognitive Processing Under Different Color Temperature Rated Environments Abstract
S. Taylor Frost, Cory D. Gifford
2011 Color My World: A Study of Synaesthesia's Occurrence in Musicians Abstract
Lindsay A. Baranowski
2011 Colorism in Dominican Society: A Qualitative Exploration of the Historical Roots and Behaviors Regarding Skin Complexion in the Dominican Republic Abstract
Jeanelle Wicks
2011 Confronting the Consequences of Cultural Exchange: Post-Contact Oral Histories among the Kiowa and the Cherokee Abstract
Amanda Wilkerson
2011 Depression in Epilepsy: A Socioeconomic and Pharmacologic Look Into the Factors Contributing to Undiagnosed Depression in Epileptics Abstract
Anand Gandhi
2011 Divine Intervention: Invocations of Deities in Personal Correspondence from Graeco-Roman Egypt Abstract
Mallory Matsumoto
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