Human Sex Trafficking In Duluth: A Study Of The Current Situation, Contributing Factors, And Appropriate Adverse Action

Kelsey Fuhrman


Human sex trafficking, involving people from across the globe, is happening in Minnesota according to the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs, with Duluth marked as- “a destination for trafficking victims who are brought on board ships for exploitation by the crew.”1 Sex trafficking is a significant issue in the Duluth area. In addition to being illegal, it is also unjust and a violation of human rights. The purpose of this project is to discover predominant factors contributing to the human sex trafficking problem in the Duluth area. The project will also be aimed at finding the answers to where, when, and how the trafficking occurs and persists. The intent is to discover possible and necessary means towards addressing and preventing the problem. The study of this issue is important because many people are not aware it is happening, thus researching the issue is necessary to raise public awareness as well as to effectively combat the crime.


Prostitution; Sex Trafficking; Response

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