Formation of Oriented Polymeric Nanofibers Containing Poly(ethylene oxide) and Pectin

Gerardo Gonzalez Rodriguez


The formation of oriented nanofibers containing poly(ethylene oxide) and pectin is investigated by using the injection of polymeric solutions inside an intense electric field. The use of biocompatible materials and the formation of oriented nanofibers find biological applications in tissue engineering. Pectin is a heteropolysaccharide that presents biocompatibility, biodegradability, and bioactivity. Using solutions containing chloroform as solvent long nanofibers with an elastic characteristic can be easily obtained. The presence of pectin in the fibers was confirmed by FTIR analysis. Fibers with diameters of hundreds on nanometers can be collected. The incorporation of pectin leads to a higher variation of the fibers diameter, resulting in the collection of more fibers with an increased diameter, in the range of micrometers.


Oriented Fibers; Nanofibers; Pectin; Electrospinning

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