The Deterioration of the African American Male: A Cognitive Treatise

Alexandria E. McKee


After centuries of carrying the African American community on their backs and acting as unwavering pillars in their communities, today African American males are not the strength they once were. Analysis of the African American male using Cognitive Theory will attempt to explain the African American male’s behavior by analyzing his thought process. By using the Cognitive Theory, this paper hypothesizes a correlation between the past of the African American male and his current thought process, and how his behavior is advancing the deterioration of not only himself, but the African American community as a whole. Analyzing statistics and literature, a triangulative methodology is used. Data were collected through observation, document analysis, and by using such sources as books, scholarly journals, Internet sources, and experts on the subject. After substantial analysis, findings suggest that there is a direct correlation between the past plights of the African American male and the effects on his current thought process. This in turn affects the behavior he currently exhibits, which results in the deterioration of the African American community as a whole.


African American, Male, Black Male Achievement

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