Effects of Liming of Adirondack Watersheds on Spider Populations

John H. T. Dow III


As part of a multi-year study of the effects of area liming on Adirondack mountain watersheds, spiders were sampled in 2007, 2008, and 2010 at limed plots. Spiders were also sampled in unlimed Adirondack areas and in control (unlimed) sites in Madison County, NY. Taxonomic and other information was collected about each specimen. Statistical analysis of the data revealed very little, if any, significant effect by liming on spider populations, family richness, or on the populations of local major genera. The majority of spiders at all study sites was Mimetidae Ero, followed by Clubionidae Clubonia. These genera were the only major genera to experience any slightly significant effect from experimental conditions.


Liming, Spiders, Adirondack

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