A Triangulative Analysis of the Effects of the World Wide Recession and the Negligence of the American Public Using the Capitalist Theory

Adam Xavier Salters


Along with the ushering in of new technologies came a greater variety of practical approaches to communication at different levels of society. Due to the inclusive nature of new technology, one may suggest that the substance of the news would broaden in depth and breadth. This is simply not the case. The unbalanced complexion of news headlines is most pronounced in the side-by-side comparison of the coverage for the federal and state governments against local governments. Moreover, scholarly research is also deficient in studies with a true focus on the actions pursued by local administrators during times of economic contraction in the United States. Therefore, attention must be called towards the issues of local governments in the midst of the recession not only for better news and academic distributions, but also to draw assistance to localities that are often ignored. Using the Capitalist Theory, it is hypothesized in this study that federal and state governments practice a minimalist approach in regards to economic regulation; this disquisition conceptualizes the idea that a similar diagnosis to economic stress is not in order for local communities. In essence, municipal regions need a more complex solution than decreasing the size of government and limiting administrative expenditures to remedy their economic ills during recessive periods. A triangulative method of research is utilized to investigate the pressing issues of local administrations and to put forth possible initiatives to alleviate the ailments of small districts. Empirical data were collected via the archival technique utilizing books, academic journals and Internet sources. In addition, interviews of experts on the topic were conducted to enhance the research of this paper. The analysis reveals that a strictly capitalistic strategy in local governments is less than beneficial during a recession.


Recession, Capitalist, Locality, Laissez Faire, County Executive

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